Meet The 4C and Stratos lovechild Car Review

Meet The 4C and Stratos lovechild Car Review

We love this child Alfa Romeo 4C / Lancia Stratos. It is a little strange, but no less wonderful for it.
It is producing a representation of the genius representation Ride Bold and Hansen Art. The Alfa diddy mid-engine / rear-drive design, compact size and flashy Italian style make her recipe is very similar to his 70 years of distant cousins, despite its aesthetics are not dictated by squares and rulers configurations.
Crayons up virtual untied her, that is. The front styling remains largely intact, but the back, in all its glory appears small wings and tail fins engine cover Lancia. A huge diffuser and some pretty impressive dome wheels complete the look.
Or rather not. The finale is stored for one of the classic traditions of motor racing: the design Alitalia wearing tricolore Stratos since slipped and fell on three consecutive world rally title.
In the days of the 1.6-liter Fiestas and DS3s, the concept of a super miniature wild oversteer V6 for forestry sounds like pure fantasy.
And perhaps a dose of this crazy attack that could offer the 4C the spark that is needed to really win our hearts. The Alfa lack of composure on the asphalt bumpy camp proposes itself in tree was only yards to try to follow the Stratos steps rally to launch, but some stage aggression hotly contested could be just the thing for us to be loving 4C in rather than just enjoying it.