Mercedes-Benz C350e Plug-In Hybrid 2016 Review

Mercedes-Benz C350e Plug-In Hybrid 2016 Review

“Plug-in Hybrid” is dead. Mercedes-Benz has announced its reasonable disturbing, all the names of the covers for an “e” more subtle the model annexed to alphanumeric. With the recent announcement that the roads Mercedes models equipped 2,017-10 connector are met, we welcome anything that sensual shock to many capitals reduced.

Riding high

Candidates today, C350e, follow the plug-in hybrid S550 door. As the name implies, the C has six figures, although Mercedes claims that booked economy numbers of three cylinders. The key is C electrified powertrain. Equipped with a four-cylinder engine of 208 hp and an electric motor makes 80 horsepower pump, C moves a large, peaceful wave of 443 pound-feet of torque overall system. MB strengthened in classic fashion, there is an explosion of seditious power, but a steroidal serenity, conduct neo-S-class current C-Class.
No joy here CVT drone killing. Benz transmission is the proven seven-speed automatic. But instead of a torque converter, the transmission, the electric motor bolted to a wet clutch torque converter efficiency smoothness with directly coupled. In the Mercedes, they do nothing to change the blades than to regulate renewable energy, we are looking to you, Cadillac ELR consideration Fangio honest way to turn tricks.
A series of four driving modes (Eco, Comfort, Sport and Sport +) pair with a quartet of power management selections (hybrid, electric mode, and load, allowing everything from hiking hillside injection antisocial intention of saving jams E -. Area cruise only keeps battery power Mercedes ridiculous in the optimistic European cycle, the car is good for 20 miles on electric power alone We did about eight in the streets of San Francisco.. Once out of town, we found the C to be a good cruising, relaxed on the highway 1 and a surprisingly willing partner in empty roads. The 350e should not be confused with an AMG product in the near future, but if push requested.
Inside, there is a class C. How important uses was mediocre, very cheap-feeling. Now this means comfort, style and excellence in materials. Unfortunately, the COMAND infotainment system still drags the other two German luxury brands in usability. The test vehicles was particularly well with Burmester sound system, the sound of rather anemic four-cylinder engine equipped camouflaged. Note to Carbon Canyon Carver affected: A to MP3 power plant. Are they want.

Only ZEV States

We really have one problem with the C350e which will keep for sale at a base price estimated at $ 40,000-Mercedes only in states that mandate zero-emission vehicles in California this fall, it will sell a destination in at usually reserved for expensive electrical econoboxes limited range. The other big wait and see is fuel consumption. Mercedes quoted Euro numbers cycle 98 to 112 miles per gallon. This, of course, assumes that you have plugged vehicle. Daimler is only released closer to launch EPA data, or even when pushed discuss approximate figures, but given that the cycle of Euro tends optimistic that EPA ratings, we’d expect rough parity with the current Chevy Volt.
When we add a B-road weapon under the impression that the C350e is, we apologize. We were pleasantly surprised just to be with his skills in this environment. Weekend warriors do well to seek the BMW M235i or hoarding their pennies for the Mercedes C63 AMG. But as a do-it-all capital-G German sedan capable of issuing short-range, the C350e makes its mark. We want the Germans to stop boasting of Euro cycle electric autonomy, since this number is negligible. The plug-in C That niggle aside leaves, is another great entry into a region whose logbook is generously sprinkled with good grades.