Mercedes Benz E-Class Cabriolet

Thanks to the notorious traffic jams, I have to leave at five in the morning so that I might get there early. I am out of the house getting to my garage and there it is my second home on wheels.
At the touch of a button, the boot lid opens and I place my brief case inside and press the same button to close the boot again. I walk gracefully touching it magnificent curves as I get hold of the door handle, the door opens to a beautiful site made of calf leather and fine wood.

Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet

I get inside put my seat belt on and press a small button to roar the 5.5 litre V8 engine. Music comes out of the 10-speaker hamman/kardon stereo, I turn on the seat warmer, press another button to change seat massage settings, and it is off to work.

The interior
It is a good day today as there are no huge traffic jams. The 500bhp and seven speeds automatic ensures that get to town early. The sun is up by now giving me a chance to let the roof down for some much-needed sun light. However, it slightly windy and I do not want to ruin my suit. It now time to unleash the car’s secret weapon the AIR-CAP®.


It is small, motorised aerofoil sits just above the windscreen and can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button. Its main job is to stop wind blowing in the car when the roofs down. After a thrilling ride, I am finally at the office.

I leave work late, tired and worn out. I slowly walk to the car park and a smile begins to form on my face, as I get closer to the car. I get in, fire up the engine and the halogen headlamps come on automatically. They are so bright it is as if the sun has risen again. The seat massage is on ‘rough and vigorous’ to ease the pain of 15 hours on the office desk.
The car with the roof up

I get on the highway and suddenly the headlight dim as another car approaches on the opposite lane. This ensures that my ‘sun’ light does not blur other road users. As I get on the dual carriageway, a warning sign appears on the side mirror warning me of a fast approaching truck. The beautiful bassy roar from the engine urges me to push the accelerator peddle down. The car zooms past a couple of cars when suddenly a Sport Utility Vehicle in front of me suddenly brakes; I find my leg on the brake paddle, am so sure I will hit the SUV but BRAKE-ASIST® steps in and applies even more braking force. PRE-SAFE® closes the windows and tightens the seat belts to ensure I remain on my seat. The car stops just near the front bumper of the SUV. At this moment, the hazards are on, warning other drivers to take care as the approach the scene. The driver of the SUV and I step out and we are amazed that both cars escape unhurt. The SUV driver apologises for his mistake and I proceed home.

As I approach my house to wait for the security guard to open the gate, I let down the roof to admire the beautiful sky. It a bit chilly but AIR-SCARF® ensures that my neck remains warm as I slowly drive in my compound. AIR-SCARF®


consists of small fans near the headrest, which blow warm air to the neck region. This acts like a scarf on the neck. I press another button and REVERSE-ASIST® ensures I do not drive through my garage wall. As I get in the house, I am relaxed knowing that my Kshs, 6.4 million had not gone to waste. I get out and admire the car for the last time and then I press the central command button. The roof comes up, the widows shut themselves and ant-theft system remains on guard.  

That was my day with the Mercedes Benz E-Class Cabriolet; a car with power, comfort and style.