Mercedes-Benz S-Class Car Review

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Car Review

Merc really, and, alleging among other things that the Maybach S600 is the quietest car in the world. Of course, at £ 165,700, it is more expensive than a plane ticket back to Seattle or a pair of noise canceling headphones touch, but Stuttgart seconds to go in the revival of the luxury nameplate before the war is over 2003 predecessor reflective parts.
The car was in the late nineties S-Class, based on its wildly indulgent luxury accoutrements in the oligarchs and tycoons paper. It does not really work. Maybach Merc pulled the plug in 2012 after a £ 1bn investment rumor and 3200 sales (100 in the UK), BMW Rolls-Royce won during the experiment. Instead Sulking, Merc has assembled again in the dispute, with a new strategy.

Not a very bold at first glance – the reborn Maybach is actually a revised S-Class. Moreover, because the current model) is easily the best car in its b) segment over 100,000 units moved worldwide in its first full year of sales, which is a reasonable starting point. Mercedes Maybach now seen as an independent sub-brand in the same direction as AMG, the technical function of the mothership Stuttgart is just what you would call an obstacle.
Driver instead of entertainment, but to get here in the background and the collection of passenger experience as close to an art form than a lot of German engineers focus. “Maybach means space, exclusivity, a global leader and sophistication,” product manager Martin Hulder TopGear said. “The S-Class is already at the forefront when it comes to powertrain and performance, which have focused on optimizing NVH levels and customer experience.”

Other adventures Maybach are the next most likely step in the pipeline, with a new super-snob SUV. “It was difficult to state of the art in the previous Maybach is still very limited, given the volumes that the market economy requires” says Hulder.
The current platform Class S – combining aluminum and high-strength steel and has an exemplary rigidity – avoids this problem. Although there are over 207mm Total (all in the wheelbase), the rear doors are actually shorter than the S-Class LWB. The C-pillar takes the limp aesthetics, and the car manages to avoid looking bloated and clumsy. There are subtle changes in the radiator, chrome accents on the B-pillar trim and twice in the air intakes and bumpers with chrome exhaust outlets and double slats on the rear bumper. The 20-inch polished alloys in the test car very LA, but also to the maximum, it is still selected on the right side of the odious business.
Backed by a morbid attention to detail, the Mercedes-Maybach bridges the gap between a refreshingly old-fashioned luxury concept and frantic obsession Fence-2015 connectivity. In these thin oxygen levels, sounds the positive proletarian term ‘options’ but an additional £ 7,200 is required to ensure the first class cabin. This divides the rear compartment in two comfortable individual seats fools, each of which has 24 separate motors whose rotations mimic a particularly skillful osteopath. Dark at the touch of transparent or – the space behind the passenger seat in a nearly flat carrier 43.5 ° for stretches, you’ll enjoy more space than the old Maybach 57 offered and the view of the MAGIC SKY CONTROL panoramic roof a button – marveled at his luck. The backrest is behind the C-pillar to minimize noise for maximum privacy and unique rubber seals and air duct in the rear tray.

Mercedes has improved the internal quality throughout the range of the afternoon, and is responsible for wood and leather sole supplier, the shadow of Maybach crafts and even inlaid with a Bentley. Silver champagne glasses German Robbe and Berking prestige Platero living in their own dedicated armrest. The cup glows blue when cooling your Dom Perignon, red when artisans keep your coffee warm. The Burmester 3D Audio system features 24 speakers and a whopping 1540W total power tweeters and spirals in the rear doors, to rotate. It also has a built-in amplification system voice, so that drivers do not shout or stretching the neck, when he spoke to the boss. Phone calls are routed to the “HD voice” that in a dual-frequency range of the standard.
Mercedes is now so technologically powerful it can even manipulate the environment in the cabin, with its system of balance of ionizing air. The Maybach gets agarwood fragrance by perfumer company prepared the house – yes, you read that right – the essence oud is obviously more valuable than gold. (The tree, not the perfumer.) Other fragrances are available.
This jewelry is complemented by the usual number of security features that run on a seat airbag, and another resigned inside the seat cushion owes its fortune evaporate suddenly in an accident at high speed while you it is at maximum tilt adjustment, is inflated for you to “submarining” under the seat belt to stop.
As always, the only weak point of unstable human uses with always having loaded technology. You can not always be sure until a university offers a course in connectivity in the car. A doctorate would see the Maybach S600.

So the Maybach uncompromising talk quietly assault on the senses, it could actually drive like an afterthought. That would be a big mistake. Only the S600, it is in the UK. Merc is 6.0 liters, 523bhp, twin-turbo V12, with 62 mph is driven pollinated dead in 5.0 seconds and there are enough mid-range torque, uprooting entire forests. In front, the engine remains a largely theoretical transfer 7spd presence and is an equally discreet partner. All species have been used by smart tricks to suppress NVH sound, and only when the right foot, you think buried “Yes, 12 cylinders.” It weighs 2,335kg, but Merc reengineering efforts are such that usually feels like un-barge. The Rolls Phantom remains the king of real-world production disappears, but the Maybach S600 runs to close. Merc Magic Body Control, which uses a stereo camera ceiling to scan the road ahead and adjust the suspension before specks surface, choking blows beautiful.
Merc’s Maybach expects China to walk on his heels, with the Middle East, Russia and the United States East. Go as an explanation cars is difficult to see what could be expected from a super-sedan, and although the Maybach S600 never fly under the radar exactly nor alarm bells at the police headquarters have taste. Post 2008, which probably is not a bad thing. Incredibly, it’s almost good value at £ 165,700. One and S63 AMG Coupe for the same money as a ghost? It’s one of those dilemmas mindless entertainment.
Jason Barlow
The numbers
5980cc twin-turbo V12, 523bhp, £ 612 feet, 24.1mpg, 274g / km of CO2, 5.0secs 0-62 mph, 155 mph, 2,335kg, £ 165,700
The verdict
Surprisingly tasty new super sedan achieves more than a stretched S-class to be.