Appeal that’s what this machine is for

As the ‘car’ celebrated her 125 birthday she made four models to appreciate herself. One of this great cars is the new look Mercedes CLS. This is by far the best looking CLS ever to roll out of Mercedes and still lives up to it character, a car with the technology of seduction.

coupe like design that has enough room for four
The concept, which Mercedes named the shooting break, gave the world the first glimpse into the new CLS. When the project was approved no one expected that nearly all aspects of the concept will be featured in the new CLS. 


Mercedes CLS

The new CLS looks like a beauty pageant on a catwalk who not only leaves you amazed with her stunning beauty, but at the same time she has that serious face that tells you that she needs to be taken seriously. You only have to look at this car in order to realize how the engineers combined luxury and sportiness at every angle. The fact that it has that sporty look makes it stand out from the rest of other cars in the market.
Now Mercedes tuning division AMG takes a regular sexy beauty pageant and transform her to an Amazonian queen full of power but at the same time they retains her class and beauty. This involves taking out the normal engine and putting in a 5.5 liter V8 twin turbo heart that gives it 550 bhp of driving force. Behind it is an AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports transmission system. The engine is 32 percent more fuel efficient than the previous CLS55 model.  The brakes are also new. They are something Mercedes loves to call ceramic high-performance composite braking system. From what I can figure out is that they can bring this amazing car to a stop in just a couple of seconds.

The drivers view

They also fit it with 20 inch aluminum wheels, restyle the whole body and add a new grill design in the front.

Rear leather seats

There are also two huge intakes at the front that channel air to the car’s massive twin turbo engine.

beauty at it best

The interior is amazing, AMG-specific design and appointment features in the redesigned CLS interior. The wrap-around effect in the cockpit is emphasized with its high line sweep from the driver’s door over the instrument panel support and across to the front passenger door. One can order the CLS with high-quality trim elements.

CLS63 AMG heart

They come in two different colors consisting of black piano lacquer. Quality materials and workmanship meet the very highest of standards and help to guarantee a particularly exclusive atmosphere.

The LED’s in action

The extensive range of standard appointments also includes AMG sports seats in nappa leather, a new three-spoke AMG Performance steering wheel with aluminum shift paddles and flattened top and bottom sections, and the AMG DRIVE UNIT with compact E-SELECT selector lever.

The rear view

Since the car is a bred Mercedes lots of driver aids are fitted just like in all Mercedes. The two systems that caught my eye however are the Active Blind Spot Assist and the Active Lane Keeping Assist.

Amazingly styled rear LEDs

Active Blind Spot Assist warns the driver if it detects – with the assistance of short-range radar sensors – that there is a danger of collision if the vehicle is about to change lanes. Should the driver ignore the warnings and come dangerously close to the vehicle in the next lane, Active Blind Spot Assist will intervene. By applying braking force to the wheels on the opposite side of the vehicle via the Electronic Stability Program ESP®, a yaw movement is created which counteracts the collision course.

20 inch forged aluminium wheels

Active Lane Keeping Assist is now also linked to the ESP® for the first time. This system kicks into action if the driver inadvertently drifts over a solid line to the right or left of a lane. In this case, Active Lane Keeping Assist applies brakes to the opposite wheels and thereby prevents the vehicle from crossing the line. A display on the instrument cluster warns the driver at the same time. If broken lane markings are crossed, the system controls an electric pulse generator in the steering wheel which generates vibrations for a short time. Before the braking system intervenes, the steering wheel always vibrates to provide a warning.

The most advance LED headlights

Prices start Kshs 6 million for the CLS while the CLS63 AMG goes for around 10 million both excluding taxes.