Mercedes S Class

The mother of automotive innovations has undergone some little transformation in both design and engine technology.

Celebrating 125 years in style
They have restyles the front which now features more pronounced arrow-shape of the radiator grille, plus a new front bumper with a discreet light-catching contour and a chrome strip below the cooling air intakes. The restyled headlights now feature bi-xenon headlamps as standard on every model. 
Rear of the S Class
The headlight looks are more emphasized thanks to striking LED lights for daytime driving lights, indicators and marker lights. The rear end is characterised by tail lights in an innovative LED design.
Arrow shaped front LED and bi-xenon headlights
Under the bonnet are numerous engine choices each tailor-made for a particular model. At the bottom of the table are two diesel engines. There is the S350 which comes equipped with a 3.0 litre CDI BlueEFFICIENCY diesel engine. This produces 173 kW/ 235 hp of driving force. The same engine is also fitted in the S350 CDI 4MATIC. The next on the list is S 450 which comes with a 4.0 litre, eight cylinder CDI diesel engine. This gives out a total of 235 kW/320 hp.
In terms of petrol powered engines the S350/ S350 4MATIC come with a 3.5 litre, six cylinder engine which coughs out 200 kW/272 hp. The S 450/S 450 4MATIC have a 4.7 litre V8 engine that produces 250 kW/340 hp while the S 500/S 500 4MATIC both have a 5.5 litre V8 that produces 285 kW/388 hp. Top on the list is the S600 which has a 5.5 litre twin turbo V12 that gives out 380 kW/517 hp. This takes it from 0 to 100km/h in 4.6 seconds.
Mercedes S400 Hybrid
If you however have extra money to spend, I recommend the AMG hand build engines. In the S63 AMG comes with a 6.2 litre twin turbo V8 produces 386 kW/525 hp. The story does not end there as there is another much powerful engine found in the S65 AMG. It a 6.0 litre twin turbo V12 that coughs out a ragging total output power of 450 kW/630 hp.
Front loader for DVD/ SD and USB
If it economy and class is what you are looking for Mercedes have just granted your wishes with the all new S400 hybrid. It is the first production vehicle in the world to feature a hybrid drive with a lithium-ion battery in one place. This means that the boot is left to do it destined purpose, storage of goods. It’s also their first hybrid production car and their most economical petrol-engine luxury saloon. It only uses 7.9 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres.
Plugs for connecting devices
As standard with any new S class Mercedes, numerous aids have been installed to assist the driver. The car is able to “see”, “feel”, to respond “instinctively”, to detected dangers and to act “on its own initiative” in order to avoid accidents or to reduce the severity of accidents. 
C shape rear LED lights
They include Mercedes own inventions such as ABS, ESP, Brake Assist and PRE-SAFE. It also has cameras which scan the road far ahead of the vehicle. They also monitor the surrounding area and interpret typical critical situations.
Rear headrest screens
Night View Assist is now equipped with a special pedestrian detection function. As soon as the system detects pedestrians ahead of the car, they are highlighted on the display to make them more readily noticeable. Lane Keeping Assist is another system that “looks ahead” for even safer driving. The system’s computer is able to recognise lane markings by evaluating the contrasting images of the road surface and the markings. 
Interior mood lighting 
If the vehicle leaves the lane identified by the Assist function unintentionally, the driver is warned by short vibrations of the steering wheel. Unlike conventional systems of this kind, the Mercedes system is able to evaluate the driver’s activities as well as establish whether the car is leaving its lane intentionally or not. 
S Class in action
There is therefore no warning if the driver accelerates before overtaking or joining a motorway, brakes heavily or enters a bend.
Seat control functions

The images supplied by the windscreen camera are also used by the new, optional Speed Limit Assist system, which identifies speed limit signs in passing and shows the relevant speed limit in the central display (standard for S600). With the drowsiness detection system ATTENTION ASSIST, the new S Class ‘keeps an eye’ on the driver, and warns in good time when the driver becomes drowsy. 
Control for windows and seats
The system also continuously monitors more than 70 different parameters about the driver. Once the high-resolution steering angle sensor recognises the steering behaviour that typically indicates the onset of drowsiness, a warning signal is sounded and “ATTENTION ASSIST Break!” appears in the instrument cluster.

Ipod conectivity
Mercedes-Benz has also improved the long and medium-range radar used by Brake Assist PLUS and DISTRONIC PLUS proximity control. Both systems assist the driver during emergency braking. If the driver is distracted and fails to recognise the immediate danger of a rear-end collision, the PRE-SAFE Brake intervenes and brakes the vehicle independently. 
Message and heated front seats
The new generation of the system offers even greater safety.  If the driver fails to react even after receiving a visual and acoustic warning, the PRE – SAFE Brake is able to activate the maximum braking pressure around 0.6 seconds before an accident which is identified by the system as being unavoidable.
Rear Leather seats
Inside passengers will enjoy state of the art entertainment equipments. There is SPLITVIEW technology. This innovative display concept allows the driver and front passenger to view different content simultaneously on one and the same screen. While the driver uses the map-based navigation system, for example, the front passenger can be watching the latest film on DVD. 
Menu selector
Mercedes-Benz has also extended the standard control and display system COMAND with additional functions, for example an SD memory card slot. Other new features include a modified Bluetooth interface, which provides for a wireless link between a mobile phone and the standard onboard hands-free system. It also has a USB interface. These enable customers to export saved data and import them into any other Mercedes-Benz S-Class.
3D SatNav system
Musical entertainment is provided by a radio, a CD/DVD player with MP3 function, an equalizer with speed-dependent volume control. With the system comes Music Register software that records all listed songs on the 7.2 GB hard disc which stores around 2500 digital music files in MP3, AAC or WMA format. 
Long wheel base version
The new Music Search function makes it easier for drivers and passengers to search SD memory cards, USB sticks, CDs and DVDs for specific music titles and performers. COMAND APS (voice operated system) lets the driver operates the navigation, telephone and audio devices by whole-word commands. This has the advantage that the driver no longer has to spell out his commands.
DVD Quality sound headphones and remote control
Passengers in the rear now have a remote control unit which enables all the audio and video functions of COMAND to be operated, plus access to external devices via the Media Interface. There is also a rear-seat entertainment package with two eight-inch displays on the rear surfaces of the front seat head restraints. 
Gear selector
There are also two wireless headphones and a separate CD/DVD player with connections for external audio and video devices. The “Logic7” surround sound system developed by Mercedes-Benz together with the audio specialists Harman/Kardon® delivers outstanding performance with three-dimensional sound as a natural 360-degree musical experience for all passengers. It also can receive digital television signals. This makes it the first production vehicle that can receive digital signals.
Cruise control selector
The car comes fitted with heated seats, four zone climate control and optional panoramic roof. Each model is available as either a normal version or an executive long wheel version. For the AMG version of S63 and S65 the cars come fully equipped.