Mercedes SLS AMG

Recently Mercedes AMG had an assignment, to raise a hero from the history books. AMG engineers have been tuning Mercedes cars for years and never have they built a car on their own. They chose the 300SL Gullwing, which in 1953 was the fastest car in the world. The result was the birth of the new Mercedes SLS AMG, the replacement for the mighty SLR McLaren Mercedes.

Under the bonnet, it has the most powerful eight-cylinder engine in the world. The engine gives out a whooping 571 bhp that propels this machine to a top speed of 390 Km/h. what is amazing is that it only consumes 13.2 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers! The car’s exterior is exquisite with a shape that makes look like an airplane. It has numerous air intakes at the front, the top of the bonnet and outlets at the side that rekindle memories of the SL 300. It has a huge boot for your shopping and the design of the rear is astonishing. An electronic spoiler pops up at 120km/h to ensure stability at high speeds. What I like about this car is the gullwing doors, which open up at the touch of the button. They are just amazing, they make the SLS look like a plane just ready to take off.

Looks like it about to take off

Enough about the exterior features, inside, fine materials such as nappa leather, solid metal and carbon-fiber facings underline the pronounced “custom-built” nature of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG interior, and show enormous attention to detail. Five different designer leather colors are available to meet individual preferences: black, classic red, sand, porcelain and light brown. The sports seat backrests are made of magnesium, a high-tech material that combines lightweight with high strength. This leads to significant advantages where weight distribution and a low center of gravity are concerned. The sports seats feature so-called two-zone seat cushions.

The rear view

Prominent side bolsters with a harder foam filling provide optimal lateral support, while the inner areas of the seat cushion and backrest are softer for a high level of comfort on long journeys. Four-way lumbar supports reliably protect the lower spine, while adjustable side bolsters in the backrests effectively improve lateral support on fast bends. Three-stage seat heating and seat occupancy/child seat recognition (for children under 5 years) in the passenger seat are also standard equipment.

The interior made of exotic materials
Carbon fiber marriage with leather

The car also comes with Mercedes award wining safety features. The standard-fit three-point seat belts, belt tensioners, belt force limiters and eight airbags ensure the best possible passive safety for the occupants: two adaptive airbags and a knee bag each are available for the driver and passenger. Two sidebars integrated into the seats and two separate window bags that deploy from the door waistline are available. This means if the unfortunate happens there is a higher chance that you will come out of the accident alive.
Only a limited number will be on sale for prospective buyers. The car goes on sale from this year for the price 177,000 Euros.