Jaguar XF Sportbrake
It has been five great years of undying passion and love. Everything in life seems to be working well for us both. Our investments are doing great, we just moved in to our own maisonette with our lovely two kids. However there is a big problem.
Automatic opening and closing boot
My wife has been using her charming Japanese car for three years now. It has done everything for our family, from taking the kids to school to carrying all the foodstuffs from my grandmother’s rural home. It has done more than my sleek European 4×4 considering that they were both brought at roughly the same year. Time has come for me to find a replacement, something that is as sleek to look; powerful to get the kids to school on time and practical (that is it can carry everything with ease). I have settled on the new Jaguar XF Sportbrake. 
Coupe like roof
Although it looks similar to the XF, some of its exterior features have been tweaked to differentiate it from a normal XF. If my wife will not be blown away by the chrome blades fitted to the side air intakes, or the amazing grill I am sure the headlights will do the trick. They are just amazing to look at especially when the LED daytime-running lights that arranged in a distinctive Jaguar ‘J-Blade’ pattern are on. The coupe like roof runs from the front windshield to the back where it meets with the rear. My wife should be impressed with the use of gloss black finishers on the rear pillars, providing a wraparound effect in conjunction with the tinted rear screen. Huge rear LED lights sparkle with delight as a chrome boot lid below the leaping Jaguar runs from both the rear lights. 
Rear LED lights
Below the boot are twin chrome tip exhaust pipes that produce the amazing soundtrack from the monster in the front bonnet. To better improve the exterior look there are two optional packs. There is the Aero Pack which comes with a deeper front bumper, side sills and rear decoration plus a rear spoiler enhancement. There is also a tailgate spoiler. The Black Pack replaces the exterior bright finishes with gloss black and pairs them with similarly finished alloy wheels to create new colour combinations that are subtly distinctive and eye-catching. The Black Pack should be fantastic for her. It will make other road users thinks she is a born racer. 
Looks even better from above
I will order one with a 3.0 litre twin-turbo V6 engine. Since it runs on diesel, she would not mind filling up the huge tank by herself. In terms of power 271 hp is enough to pull away from all those Vitzs and Probox that her fellow women love to drive. It’s also enough to take the kids to and from school. Thanks to its amazing soundtrack, I am sure she will get all the respect she deserves from the intimidating trailer drivers in our roads. 
Plenty of room in the back
There is plenty of room inside for her, me, our two kids and her huge lovely handbag full of essentials. Thanks to the extended roofline my kids at the back now have 48mm of headroom. There is also plenty of room in the back to play when mum is busy at the steering wheel. Wood trims and leather are visible all-round the interior. There are plenty of toys at the front distract her from the noisy kids. There are controls for the radio and phone from the steering wheel while a huge entertainment unit will keep them entertained on the road. 
Eye catching cockpit
The stylish rear view mirror will ensure she has somewhere to admire herself before leaving her palace on wheels. She will also be glad to know that she has plenty of space to carry things in the boot. That space can be further boosted be folding the rear seats. It also has a lower loading area and the boot can be opened and closed at the touch of a button on her key. If the shopping bags are kinder heavy the rear levelling suspension will ensure that the front is not facing the up as she drives home. This is thanks to a sensor that raises the rear of the car to ensure that it remains levelled with the front.
Perfect gift for a perfect lady
This should be a great gift to make our fifth anniversary. Although Kshs. 6 million is what the car is priced at, it not even close to the value of the love I have for her.