New Jaguar XF Review

New Jaguar XF: your first look Review

Next week, you’ll see peculiar to the new second generation images XF sedan, Jaguar rival to the BMW 5 Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Audi A6 power. Until then, here are some shots of claim.
The MkII XF is, we are told, everything is new, and is the second Jag, new aluminum-intensive architecture of the company to use – such as who sits in the heart of the new junior XE Limousine. There are promises of benchmarks for weight and efficiency and the ability to achieve an intoxicating 70mpg. In a sedan median company. not bad.
Jaguar chief designer Ian Callum also promises the new XF will be nice too. More beautiful than the Series 5, Class E and A6, definitely. “I think the new XF will be the best-looking car in its class,” says Callum, “elegant, beautiful and proportions that impart a sense of integrity.”

Fighting talk. We will be more next week, where Jaguar XF sedan will launch a peculiar way. Double British film Jim Dowdell, who has worked in the Bond films, Bourne and Indiana Jones, the Jaguar is through two cables of 34 mm in diameter in London to lead to high suspended in the water.
Why? For “the credentials of light and agile new XF,” and told us. Yes, a ropes crossing over water. After this trick, the Jaguar XF presented at the New York International Auto Show at the end of the month …