Nissan NV350 Caravan

Since it first debuted in 1973, the Caravan has been highly rated as a full-fledged, versatile commercial vehicle that can be used not only for business but also for hobbies or leisure, with its basic performance as a commercial vehicle continuously improved throughout four previous model generations. In Kenya the Nissan Caravan commercial capabilities have won it many fans in the Matatu industry. 

Nissan NV350

The latest generation Caravan comes with a host of new improvements key among them being new economical engines. Now why the initials NV350; well the NV stand for Nissan Van while the 350 stands for stands for the total weight of the van which is 3.5 tonnes. The van can carry a gross weight of 1.25 tonnes. 

Previous model

New to the range is a wide body version fit for transportation of people.Its new exterior design features a clean and classy design despite it having a boxy shape. The front end and corners are rounded.
Comfortable 14 Seats with enough leg room
They have larger surfaces that give the Caravan a simple but stylish look. Its front consists of a three-dimensional imposing angled strut grille finished in chrome. Crips bi-xenon headlamps design with LED lights offer a better view of the road at night. A distinct character line is visible offering a dynamic side view.

Nissan NV350 Commuter
The character line also helps to tone down the boxy shape of the Caravan. At the rear is a combination of stylish rear lights and a large boot lid finished in chrome. A rear camera is also installed to help in tricky reverse manoeuvres.
The NW350 Wide Body version comes with a higher roof, larger door and distinct front bumper. It’s also wider and longer compared to the normal NV350. The new van is available in four trim levels. There is the Van or Wagon DX or the Van or Wagon Premium GX. 
Wide Body extra storage space in the back
Underneath the front seats is a choice of three economical engines. There is a newly developed YD25DDTi engine. This cool diesel engine takes advantage of clean-diesel technology to achieve best-in-class fuel economy of 11.2 km per liter for the microbus model and 11.8 km per liter for the van model.
Seat back pockets
For petrol engine lovers there is the QR20DE engine with a fuel consumption of 9.9 km per litre. The other version is the QR25DE gasoline engine also provides 8.6 km per liter for the microbus model and 8.8 km per liter for the van model. All engines are married to a 5-speed automatic transmission system. 
Large door for easier entry and exit
Inside the driver enjoys plenty of new toys. The van comes equipped with a Push Engine Start system, intelligent key and a foot operated parking brake. Behind the restyled steering wheel is a modern clear-cut instrument panel with a black upper area and grey lower section.
Powerful front bi-xenon headlights
The dials are also easier to read thanks to their blue outline and white numbering. In between the two dials is a vehicle information display that shows average fuel economy and cruising range to help in eco-driving. It also acts as the display screen to the reverse camera.
Nissan NV350 Wide Body Van
The cabin has also been restyled to offer a premium feel. There are light silver colour touches on the steering, shift knob, meters, air conditioner dials and also on ventilation parts. There is ample leg room for front passengers on the front thanks to the placement of the gearshift on the instrument panel.
Rear seats that can fold to accommodate long item
The driver can find the best seating position thanks to the tilt steering and adjustable driving seat. Also adopted is a seat-back pocket with its slot placed at a slant, so that a driver can easily take an item out while seated, and a passenger seat multi-seat back pocket placed on the side of the passenger seat that can be easily reached by the driver. Behind the driver is a seat that has space for two occupants.
Instrument cluster
The seats can be folded down to accommodate even longer items. It has flat floor provide room for transportation of goods while the boxy shape ensures more square sharped items can be easily transported. The interior of the NV350 wide body can accommodate up to 14 passengers comfortably with a generous leg room between each row of the seats.
Comfortable front seats
Its van version has and additional 185mm of space compared to the normal version. Its wide cargo door alloys for large cargo to be loaded and off-loaded easily. The high roof and large door ensures easier entry and exit of passengers. A middle seat is also integrated to the front to provide even more room for occupants.  
Imposing angled strut grill
Other key features on the new NV 350 series are electric retractable remote control body-colored door mirrors (factory-installed option for Van DX/Wagon DX), Auto light system (standard on Van Premium GX/Wagon GX), LED High-Mount Stop Lamp, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) plus Brake Assist, front ventilated disc brakes,
Side profile
SRS air bag system for driver and front passenger (standard on Wagons and factory-installed option for Vans for the front passenger seat), Load limiter equipped pretensioner seatbelts for driver and front passenger (standard on Wagon and factory-installed option for Van trim levels for the front passenger seat) and three-point seatbelts with Emergency Locking Retractors (ELRs) for rear seats (two-point seatbelt for the center seat) (Standard on Van trim levels excluding three-seat DX models).
Rear lights
The new NV350 Caravan is already on sale in Japan. Expect it to debut in Kenya from next year. In Japan the NV350 Caravan is priced from 1,894,200 yen (Kshs. 1.9 million excl. taxes) to 3,511,200 yen (Kshs. 3.6 million excl. taxes).
Rear profile
The NV350 Caravan Wide Body is priced from 2,315,250 yen (Kshs. 2.7 million excl. taxes) to 3,322,200 yen (Kshs. 3.4 million excl. taxes).