Nissan Sunny

Nissan has just launched a new replacement for their best selling model famously known as the Sunny.

fresh new front look

Past Nissan Sunnys’ have been a joy to own. They have won many Kenyan hearts with their simplicity and cheap maintenance cost that come with owning them. Their complicated engine management system has made them unfriendly to carjackers as each particular Nissan component is made to work with a particular model. Unlike other cars in our market today Nissan Sunny fetches a cheaper price compared to other models of its class. I don’t see the point of owning a small expensive machine (you know the car am talking about) that’s has a higher probability of being stolen than owning one that attract less attention from the carjackers.  

The side lines

The new Sunny it still holds it quality, space and driving performance characteristics that have made it a star Nissan brand. It much bigger and more spacious than the previous model but looses some marks on its looks.      
Under the bonnet is a 1.5-liter HR15DE engine with dual injectors and a new-generation Xtronic CVT with an auxiliary transmission. The car is available with either a manual or automatic transmission system. The engine is more economical than the previous model and I bet this will at least charm people to it lovely ‘arms’. It also delivers ease in handling for city driving where there’s frequent acceleration and deceleration.

The interior

Inside one will notice that it shares the same dashboard setting found in the Nissan Micra. The seats provide the much needed comfort for long journeys. It comes with a 4 way CD/MP3 stereo system as standard.  It also has a sun roof climate control, power steering and rear cup holders. The driver also enjoys push start stop system, parking sensors, fog lights and central locking all this equipments are offered as standard in every ordered car.
The new design means that passengers have plenty of space to enjoy the drive while enjoy air con from fans at the back seat. It also has a large boot for storage of luggage for the family while traveling. The car also comes with a system that reminds the driver on service dates while another will remind you of your birthday. Both are set by the driver. Electronic operated side mirrors and windows come as standard in the new Sunny. Safety features include air bags and ABS.

the rear view

I am just glad that its back in Kenyan shores. DT Dobie will let you have it for a reasonable Kshs. 2 million.