Noble M600

The world today is filled with amazing supercars. Many have the latest technology and amazing computers that ensure the car remains planted on the road. However when behind the wheel, one feels as if the whole car is doing everything them. If you are a driver who loves the thrills of speed and the feeling that you are in control of your driving experience, a new beast is out set to fulfil you outermost desires.  
Side design
Build by hand in Leicestershire, the Noble M600 is designed to offer the best driving pleasure without the use of driving aids.  Its styling and power are tailor-made to offer the very best aerodynamic capability and unmatched performance.
Low front bonnet
At the front are three air intakes that help keep its low front end on the road.  Bi-xenon headlamps offer the best visibility of the road ahead. The seeping bonnet helps channel air from the front to the angled front windscreen. At the side one notices the low sleeping roof designed to channel air from the front to the rear. 
Carbon fibre adorned center console
There are side ducts behind the door that help channel cool air to the engine. Speedline forged aluminium alloy wheels fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport tires help put the power on the road. It rides on front 19 inch wheels and 20 inch rear wheels.
Rear ducts that help channel air from the engine
The rear windshield lets the world admire its amazing heart while small vents help channel hot air from the engine. A huge diffuser pops out from the back that helps channel air smoothly out of underbelly. Two exhaust pipes located at each end of its bumper produce an amazing soundtrack at any given speed. The rear round lights adorned in LED lights complete its amazing design.   
Yamaha V8 heart
Power comes from a Twin Turbo 4.4 litre Yamaha V8 engine that gives out 650 hp.  Connected to the engine is a Graziano 6 speed manual transmission system that sends power to the rear wheels. Thanks to the use of carbon fibre and a stainless steel on various components of the car it has an amazing power to weight ratio of 520bhp per tonne.
Rear glass roof
It can hence accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 3 seconds. 0 to 200km/h will take around 8.9 seconds. The top speed is pegged at 362 km/h. To tame its amazing power, a driver has a choice of three Adaptive Performance Control (APC) options.
Adaptive Performance Control switch
There is Roadfunction that reduces the total output to 450hp. It also allows for full traction control and adjusts the vehicles throttle and boost response. The mid power setting, Track, lowers the total output to 550hp. It also offers less intrusive traction control and offers a slightly-sharper throttle and boost response. At the peak of the APC system is the Race mode which offers the full 650hp, increased wheel spin and aggressive throttle and boost response. The APC system is controlled by a switch located on the dashboard. Its coloured differently from the other dials.
Traction control switch
To turn off the traction control one has to access a special button located below the gear stick. It’s lifted straight from fighter jets to ensure that one has to be certain that the traction control needs to be off. To turn the traction control off one has to simply lift the switch guard and push the red button. It’s automatically reset when the engine is off.
Luggage compartment
For maximum braking power, the Noble comes fitted with semi-floating disc brakes with cast aluminium alloy monobloc callipers. The six piston front and four piston rear callipers provide amazing braking power in any condition.  
Splendid bespoke interior
The magnificent exterior looks are further complimented by its adorable interior design. One can choose from either a leather or Alcantara interior. Polished carbon fibre adorns the door, gear knob and the centre console. Switches and dials are neatly arranged on the centre console. They are also easily accessible to the driver.
Huge rear diffuser
The carbon fibre seats can be covered in in bespoke upholstery fit for any individual needs. They also come with an optional five point harness. The flat bottomed steering wheel can be finished in either suede or leather. Entertainment is provided by a Becker Cascade Pro system connected to a JL Audio speaker system. 
To experience the amazing speed and thrills from a Noble one has to part with £200,000 (Kshs. 26 million).  

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