Pagani Huayra

Pagani Huayra
When Pagani came into the market some five years back with the Zonda, I was speechless every time a new version came out. Sadly the Zonda is about to go and a new replacement has just been released.  
Headlight from the Zonda R
Huayra has undergone weight saving measures, which involved combination of structural and non-structural or aesthetical elements. Because of all this, the car total weight is 1.350 kg making it the lightest sports car in its class. 
Under the bonnet is Mercedes-AMG tuned V12 engine build by hand. The twin turbo nuclear bomb unleashes 700bhp of driving force.

AMG’s Mercedes V12 nuclear bomb

Since it a light sports car, I can bet it will certainly be a potential heart attack causer, as light sports cars tend to be super fast. The engine has undergone harsh testing to ensure it is always at it best performance even under hash conditions. It has a titanium exhaust system weighs less than 10 kg, tuned to produce different sounds at different levels of speed.  Next to the engine is a seven-speed gearbox, which weighs only 96 kg. It has a double clutch system that allows for rapid gear changes. The suspension has responds well to any torture subjected by the driver. It makes the car agile around bends and handles smoothly on a normal road. The Huayra tires custom produced by Pirelli. They provide the much-needed grip even at the vehicles top speed of above 370 kph! ABS and ceramic disc brakes ensure that you are back to zero kph in just 4.2 seconds!
The streamlined body
The car has a low drag coefficient thanks to the genius design of the body. This allows for smooth airflow over the body of the car. There are flaps at the back which aid in braking, and increasing the down force during acceleration. The radiators are inclined to provide the best flow for hot air out of the car. Air from the central radiator is extracted by vents on the front bonnet and trough the front wheelhouses. Air from the side radiators enters the ducts cooling the brake discs and wheel hubs. The air blows onto the brakes at a temperature of approximately 50°C warming the brakes up when cold and improving the first bite significantly. It seems Zonda have certainly created a ‘land plane’.
Gullwing doors
One has to first open the gullwing doors to access the interior of the Huayra. Once the doors are closed, one notices that all controls are at arms length. All primary functions like headlight, indicators, wiper washers and the gearshift are on the wheel.
The crazy interor
This ensures that you arms never leave the steering wheel. The seats provide comfort as the leather caresses your back making it a good car for long trips.
The HD touch screen
Front side
Although this is just the beginning of the new Zonda replacement, as time goes by, I am sure the car will evolve to something prettier. The car will be on sale later this year for a price yet disclosed.  
Rear side