Peugeot 208

The Peugeot 205 was probably the best small car of its time thanks to it amazing performance and durability.

Available in 3 and 5 door versions
The same is seen with the best seller the 206 which won many hearts thanks to its good looks and durability. 

Restyled cockpit
The 207 was my favorite with its lively engine, great fuel economy and still had the looks to match its lively nature.

Funky front dials
I admit it was not the most beautiful car in the world but at least it never looked like the drawing of a car drawn by toddler. However all that discussion about how ugly Peugeots have become is set to change with the launch of the new 208. 
Rear of the 208
For starters it has now lost quite a lot of weight. Its now 110kg lighter compared to the total weight of Peugeot 207. It’s now bigger providing more headroom and legroom to occupants. It has the new floating grill first seen with the new 508. The headlights have a new distinct shape and have LED to further enhance their appeal. 

Magnificent floating grill
The lion has now been moved form the front grill to the top of the bonnet. However the bonnet has a sloping front ensuring the lion remains visible when the car is looked up from the front. At the back is also a newly styled ‘boomerang’ rear lamps that also have LED to further boost the rear look of the lights. 
Rear LEDs inspired by the lion on the bonnet
Under the bonnet are a new range of 3 cylinder petrol engines that are available in either 1.0 litre or 1.2 litre variants. There is also an economical diesel engine that come fitted with a stop/start feature.  

Curves visible everywhere
Inside there is enough room for five occupants. The interior has also been restyled. It has a small steering wheel, combined with an elevated instrument panel giving information at a glance and a large touch screen. It’s available as a three door and five door versions. 
Classy in three door configuration

It amazing to see what Peugeot have done to the 208. It makes it way to Kenya some time late next year.