Porsche Boxster Series
The baby Porsche has undergone through numerous changes over the years. However it’s what Porsche have done to its latest recreation that amazes me. The new Boxster is now lighter, more fuel efficient and more agile compared to its outgoing model. 
Porsche Boxster
Its front end now consists of large air intakes that have integrated daytime running LED lights. Above the air intakes are huge halogen lights, for the Boxster, and Bi-Xenon headlight, for the Boxster S.  At the side are huge air intakes that rest behind the stylish doors.
Notice the rear strip
One can choose between 18, 19 or 20 inch wheels. The rear end has also been restyled. One will quickly notice the new prominent edge that runs over the entire rear. The strip combines the rear fog light and reversing lights in one flat strip.
Side of the Boxster
The new LED tail lights are also incorporated with the strip, giving the rear an appealing look. The strip also acts as the rear spoiler. The redesigned tailpipes are combined well in the black rear diffuser that extends the whole rear of the car. A normal Boxster has an oval exhaust tip while the Boxster S has twin-flow double tailpipe.
Porsche Boxster S
The convertible lid has gone, as the convertible top now rests behind the rear seats. The convertible top can be opened and closed in less than 9 seconds at speeds of up to 50km/h. With the roof closed the driver has a better view of the back thanks to the larger rear windows. 
Best looking Boxster
Behind the driver in a normal Boxster is a 2.7 litre boxer engine that generates 256hp. It’s connected to a six-speed manual transmission system that sends power to the rear wheels. 0 to 100km/h takes 5.8 seconds. The top speed is an amazing 264km/h. Fuel consumption is pegged at 9 litres per 100km. One can also order a Boxster with Porsche seven-speed Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK) system. With PDK, 0 to 100km/h takes 5.7 seconds, fuel consumption drops to 8.0 liters per 100km and the top speed is reduced to 262km/h.
Rear of the Boxster featuring the restyled oval exhaust tip
However if one wishes to accelerate even faster, a Sports Chrono Package is available. This will reduce the 0 to 100km/h time to 4.8 seconds. For the Boxster S, a 3.4 liter boxer engine sits at the rear. The engine has a total output of 315 hp. It’s married to a six-speed manual or the optional seven-speed PDK system.
The name says it all
0 to 100km/h takes only 5.1 seconds with the six-speed manual, 5.0 seconds with PDK and 4.8 seconds with Sports Chrono Package. Top speed with the six speed manual is 264 km/h and 262km/h with PDK. Fuel consumption is pegged at 9 liters/100km with the six-speed manual and 8 liters with the PDK system.
Now with a longer wheelbase
To boost its agility Porsche have revised the overall Boxster chassis. It now has 60 millimeter longer wheelbase with a wider track on both axles. This has improved its overall stability especially at high speed. The chassis together with optional electronics such as Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) and Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV) ensure the driver enjoys the highest driving performance experience.
With the roof up
Braking power has also been improved thanks to new stiffer brake calipers on the front axle, optimized pad control and a larger braking surface. The Boxster S now features larger front and rear brake discs borrowed from the 911 Carrera. ABS is always on hand to ensure the wheels don’t lock up at heavy braking.  
Boxster S inviting interior
The interior has also been restyled. It now features the Carrera GT like interior that is also found in the 911 Carrera. It’s characterized by the upward sloping center console with a racing style raised gear control. Important functions and settings for operating the vehicle are neatly arranged for quick and easy operation. The new standard CDR audio system with the 7-inch touch screen is easy to use and clearly visible even with the roof down. One can also order a Boxster with the optional Sound Package Plus.
LED adorns the rear
With this, the Boxster and Boxster S come with seven loudspeakers divided into five channels. The speakers are connected to a 185 watt amplifier. If this does not blow you mind a BOSE Surround Sound System with a total of 10 loudspeakers is available. The speakers are connected to an 8 speaker digital amplifier. The new comfortable sports seats are now position 7 millimeters lower and offer even more legroom to the driver and the front seat passenger.
Porsche Carrera GT like interior
Leather covers the dash, steering, seats and the center console. A chrome strip runs across the dashboard while air vents and steering wheel have visible chrome touches. Two-zone automatic climate control is on hand to keep occupants cool when the roofs up.
Huge 20 inch wheels
Optional extras include parking assistant with front and rear cameras and electronically operated exterior mirrors with welcome home lighting.