The spirit of ecstasy that takes it place at the top of the best radiator grill in the world, is celebrating her 100th birthday. 
Clear and luminous spirit of ecstasy

If Charles Sykes creation has grown to become the must see icon in the motoring industry. Her home also celebrated yet another first. It made a whopping 177% profit in 2010, making it the most profitable company in the world. To reward her for her great service her company made her one of the most luxurious and unique gift.

Rolls Royce 102 EX Electric Concept

 What they came up with is the world’s first battery electric vehicle for the ultra-luxury segment. For a company that produces the most deluxe cars in the world, they have passed the exams with flying colors. None of the refinements, those other rolls are famously known for, have been lost in the effort of making it economical.In fact they have made it even better looking than previous models.

First Phantom Electric Vehicle

One has to remember that it’s a full electric hence some changes have been made.First, the naturally aspirated 6.75-litre V12 petrol engine and 6-speed gearbox have been replaced by a lithium ion battery pack and two electric motors mounted on the rear sub-frame. These motors are connected to a single speed transmission with integrated differential

Environmental friendly luxury
Phantom EE a maximum power output of around 220bhp and torque of 800Nm available over a wide band.This compares with 320bhp for standard Phantom with maximum torque of 720Nm, delivered at 3,500rpm.
The leather castle
The Nickel Cobalt Manganese battery chemistry holds enough power for the Phantom EE to cover a range of up to 200km. Delivered on an effortless wave of torque, 0-60mph will be achieved in under eight seconds (5.7 seconds in standard Phantom), with top speed limited to 160kph.

Stitched to perfection
The battery is the largest ever fitted to a road car. Re-charging is undertaken with a plug and five-pin socket which takes the place of the normal fuel filling mechanism. It design features a clear window, displaying the RR logo and 102EX motif. The window frames rear-mounted, tricolor LEDs which display the car’s charging status.

Charge in port
Before charging, the socket is bathed in blue light. This begins to flash as charging commences. When completely charged, the display turns green. When removing the charger the green lights flash continuously. A potential fault in the system is indicated by either constant or flashing red light.

Electrical power train
The key note speech however is delivered by the master of ceremony; the interior. Open the huge aluminum door and the sight will leave you speechless.

Classic Rolls Royce Doors

Atlantic chrome-finished dashboard dials echo the exterior color, providing a sense of interior-exterior balance.102 EX still has analogue displays a tradition that Rolls Royce has maintained for years.

Charging mechanism
One can only notice minor changes. For example, some dials have been subtly modified to provide information needed by the driver of an electric vehicle. The fuel gauge in particular has been replaced by an elegant battery charge indicator.

Similar in looks to the Rolls Royce Phantom

Special dials that grace the back for the passengers have been replaced with special dials that indicate the actual charge of the battery and speed. Each passenger will enjoy an experimental material called Seton Corinova. 

Seton Corinova leather

This is an experimental vegetable-tanned that does not crease. As the world saves trees for a greener future Rolls Royce has ditched the traditional wood trims for an aluminized foil weave that lifts the environment of the interior. It consists of darker natural leather covered with a clear aluminum foil. The spirit of ecstasy will enjoy her present with a unique make over. She is now clear and luminous. Never has she been so pretty. 

Front remains as majestic as ever

 The spirit of ecstasy will keep her cute present to herself. The car is not available for sale but is an experimental vehicle.