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Rolls Royce Ghost
Rolls Royce, a traditional brand cherish for super luxurious saloons, decided to break it long tradition of refinement and exclusivity to produce a cheaper but lavish version of their flagship model, the Phantom. 
Rolls Royce Phantom
It was first code named the RR4 and by 2008 first sketches were released. 
Last sketches of the ghost
Rolls Royce later announced that the car will be focused more on the driver than the people in the back, a tradition Rolls Royce had not broken for over 100 years.  
First sketches of the Ghost
 The car was later revealed on 2008 and it became an instant sensation.
Based on a BMW7 series, the Ghost, named after a nightmare causing creature, is probably a more of a sweet dream causer to any owner. Although it a cheaper version of the Phantom none of the renowned feel has been thrown in the dustbin. 
Front of the Ghost extended wheelbase
It still has the majestic yacht line styling characterized by the upward-sweeping sill line and low-cut roof, powerful shoulders and flanks draw in sharply as they flow from the rear wings to the LED tail lights.
Shorter than a Phantom but equally majestic
At the front, it looses the Phantom looks to a design that consists of a shorter radiator grill larger bi-xenon headlights and larger air intakes. The intakes have been curved inwards to give the monster under the bonnet enough air to breath. 
Rear of the Ghost extended wheel base
It also has smaller wheels compared to it gigantic sister. On the bonnet one can go for the optional Silver Satin finish which is achieved by setting silver metallic paint under a layer of lacquer, giving the bonnet a flawless matte finish. The same option also includes silver satin finish on the grill and windscreen surround.
Based on a BMW 7 series
Under the bonnet is a 6.6 litre V12 monster that delivers 563 bhp! It can take the Ghost from 0-100km/h in just 4.7 seconds flat. 
Best seat in the Ghost
The top speed is limited electronically to 250km/h Connected to it is an eight-speed, shift-by-wire, automatic ZF gearbox. This ensure that a constant surge of power from the engine. Fuel consumption is pegged at 14 litres/100km covered. This makes it the most powerful and most efficient ghost oops sorry, Rolls Royce on production today.
Rear of the Ghost
The Ghost body has been made using double front bulkhead to help insulate the interior from engine noise. The whole car rides on a front double-wishbone suspension and multi-link rear suspension. Both suspensions are connected to computer controlled air suspension system that gives the car an overall smooth ride on any surface.
Interior of the 5 seater version
Other technologies include Anti-Roll Stabilization, Dynamic Brake Control and Dynamic Stability Control, including Dynamic Traction Control and Cornering Brake Control.
Doors that open automatically
With the optional Comfort Entry, the driver can unlock all doors when key is within 1.5 meters from the car. The driver only has to grasp cool chrome door handles to access the interior. 
Teflon coated umbrellas
Once inside voice control allows the driver to select options in the menu by the use of his/her voice. The doors still hold the Teflon-coated umbrellas found in the Phantom. 
Rear VIP lounge
The rear doors are traditional, rear-hinged coach doors, opening to a generous 83 degrees. Once the passenger is inside, the doors can be closed at the touch of a button. The interior space is filled with natural light, enhanced by the optional Panorama Sunroof, which extends from the front into the rear compartment.
Spirit of extasy graces the majestic bonnet
The interior is covered by flawless leather from bulls raised in pastures free of barbed ware ensuring few imperfections in the leather. 
Multifunctional steering wheel
Any other marks are carefully avoided by laser cutters in the factory. To ensure rich colour, the dyes are drum-dyed rather than painted. Wood panels for the interior are made from the finest wood logs. The panels are made from a single tree to ensure consistency all around each model. The wood panels are sanded, milled and polished by hand before they are coated with five layers of clear paint to ensure a mirror like finish.
Panoramic roof
The driver sits in a slightly elevated position behind the wheel. This makes the view of the road much clearer. The control centre display is concealed behind a veneered panel that slides up on command from the driver. 
Bi-xenon front headlights
It consists of satellite navigation, telephone and entertainment system. The driver can use a central rotary controller or simply use voice commands to access various options.
9 inch screens at the back
Four-zone climate control ensures that the passenger can regulate the temperature of the air on their side of the car, without intrusion on the other set temperature. A cool box with interior illumination and integrated champagne glasses is also available. Wood polished picnic tables are fitted behind the front seats allowing passengers to place electronic items or meals. 
Rear LED lights
Two 9.2 inch LCD screens behind the front seats keeps passengers entertained as the music from the 600 Watts, 10-channel amplifier with 16 speakers and two floor mounted subwoofers as the rear leather sears message and warm them. 
Menu selector
The seats also come with a central arm rest, a control button for the main radio unit and a 6 CD changer unit. The two screens can be used independently. The rear passengers only have to plug in a headphone to enjoy this feature. 
Exotic wood on the front dashboard
New owners have and option of selecting optional drive aids that ensure a safer drive. There is Lane Departure Warning that alerts the driver should the car start to drift out of its current lane, High Beam Assistance automatically manages the operation of dipped and main beam lights while driving at night and Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go speeds up or slows down, even when coming to a standstill without any input from the driver. 
Power reserve dial
Others include Active Brake Intervention that ensures a hill descent at a constant speed and Curve Speed Limiter which communicates with the car’s Dynamic Stability Control systems to reduce speed on bends if safety and comfort may be compromised.
Front of the Ghost
The Ghost is build entirely by hand. Unlike it ‘bigger sister’ which takes 6 months to put together, the Ghost only takes 20 days to complete. With a price ranging from $ 250,000 (around Kshs. 23 million excluding taxes) the Ghost is probably the closes Rolls Royce creation one can own. It’s available as either a normal saloon or extended long wheel base version.
Front of the Ghost extended wheelbase
It recently became the best selling model in the range and made the company the most profitable in the world. Who said ghosts brought bad luck, I don’t think so.