The best-selling muscle car on the planet has undergone a major revolution both in design and engine output.

Shelby GT 500

Even though the overall design is aimed at improve the overall aerodynamic capabilities of the car, the designers have manage to integrate the lovely characteristics of previous Shelby Mustangs. It has a huge front grill and it numerous intakes provide enough air flow to the engine and its huge supercharger.

Power boosted from a huge supercharger

The huge intake and its huge bonnet give it an aggressive look. It also has an air splitter at the front to further boost the overall aerodynamics of the car. The Shelby Cobra emblem completes the amazing front look. The side has also been redesigned to further boost air flow at the side of the coupe.

Large doors for easy entry and exit
At the back, a huge integrated spoiler helps to keep the back on its rightful place; on the tarmac. The spoiler’s efforts are further boosted by the huge rear air diffuser.  The rear lights now feature LED technology that further boost the overall appearance of the car. Maybe the designers wanted the car to have a stylish rear design.  The reason is thanks to the monster under that huge bonnet.

Plenty of power, plenty of wheel spins
Under the bonnet is a 5.8 litre V8 aluminum-block heart. Thanks to its larger, more-efficient supercharger, new cross-drilled block and heads, updated camshaft profiles, a new carbon fiber driveshaft, upgraded clutch, transmission and axle it now generates 650 hp and 600 lb.-ft of torque.

Stylish rear
Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to the most powerful V8 powered car in the world. They should have called it the GT 650 not GT 500.

Glove box

Top speed is pegged at nearly 360 km/h. The engine also has an efficient cooling system consisting of a larger cooling fan, fan shroud with high-speed pressure-relief doors, a more efficient charge air cooler and a higher-flow intercooler pump. With such an amazing output the only thing people will be seeing is the rear of the Shelby.

Front Cockpit
Connected to the engine is a six speed manual transmission system. Each gear has been optimized to improve rapid acceleration and can also handle the huge torque figures. The clutch has also been re-designed. It now uses a double clutch system.

650hp V8 heart

The Shelby GT also comes with new systems that help boost its handing capabilities. There is AdvanceTrac systems and steering assist systems that help drivers achieve maximum performance on both the street and the track. Both systems can be turned off if the driver needs to experience the car at it ‘raw’ form. It also has Torsen limited-slip differential.

Multi-functional steering wheel
What this does is that it helps the rear suspension deliver maximum torque and traction better and longer under track conditions. For a quick start on the track, it now comes with Launch control that lets drivers set the desired launch rpm depending on tire temperature, street surface or other conditions. The launch control is also integrated with both the engine control and traction control systems.

Huge air intakes at the front
To tame this powerful stallion, Shelby engineers have fitted it with a powerful Brembo braking system. It has new six-piston calipers in front along with larger front and rear rotors. New brake pads that are more aggressive also help the car achieve high deceleration and further robustness. The system is visible in the huge 20 inch rear wheels and the 19 inch front wheel.

Huge 19 inch front wheels
Inside there is enough room for four occupants. The front Recaro sport buckets seats hold the occupants in place on heavy cornering and ensure that the driver is his/her proper position to control the rampaging stallion.

Seats by Recaro

The seats also feature the huge Shelby emblem and also come with side airbags. A new infotainment system keeps occupants informed and entertained. A panoramic roof further helps improve the feel of the interior.

Rear LED lights
There are two optional packages that help improve the general feeling of the car. There is the Performance Package that comes with adjustable dampers are accessed on the dash with a simple push of a button.

Aggressive front

It also gives drives options to choose between normal mode, for everyday driving, or sport mode for improved response time on the track and less body roll while cornering and pitch under braking.

Comfortable sports seats
The other package is the Track Package that comes with all features in the performance package plus other extras. The extras are external engine oil cooler, rear differential cooler and transmission cooler for further durability. The coolers play an essential role in preventing crucial components from overheating under high-speed conditions. 

Powerful front headlights

Its an amazing piece of American craftsmanship. However there are two huge problems about it; one its available in left-hand variation and production is limited to a small number of units. The big question is when will Ford produce right-hand copies of this amazing car for us to own?