Skoda Fabia Car Review

Skoda Fabia Car Review

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The second generation Fabia is a stroke of genius. Based on the Pole, but bigger, cheaper and just as good in almost every way, it is hard to see how Volkswagen parents never let that happen. Successfully transformed (the appeal was the first car the only real failure) Fabia II is one of the most complete cars for sale and offers exceptional value for money in a package of strong and comprehensive constitution. This small property in version seems even now outstanding and is only an additional £ 850. Ganga.


While the Fabia never trouble the Ford Fiesta and Renault Clio in relation to the final driver involvement, this remains a very successful small car with big car claims. The ride is smooth and the engine and tire noise is minimal. VW range of excellent engines, especially TSI petrol and TDI diesel engines means to inspect the powerful and economical product here, able to fertilize urban operations reach easily.
As I said, buyers VRS hot are not stated by the chassis of the Fabia and management, communicative and adaptable enough to completely undermine the Puritan image, no nonsense that Skoda has worked tirelessly to bring you will be disappointed, Ya it is not a diesel, but get excellent Polo GTI 1.4 TSI and Ibiza Cupra engine, and a gearbox DSG seven-speed. There is a lot of fun you can have here, and for little money printing.


The Original Fabia solid but spartan inside, a reminder that you were, in relation to VW, to cockney. But every now and again dispensed Fabia car is an elegant and stylish aff air-deceives his price subcompact. Everything feels exceptionally well done and completed demanding and where the Ibiza is suffering from this slight sense of immaturity in the area of ​​VW Group is equally accessible to rivals and perceived quality polo class Fabia.
In the back there is more space than we expected of a car in this segment with a generous 300-liter boot, which extend far beyond 1000, if you plan to fold the rear seats flat. That is huge. This really is a great car multi-task.


Skoda wins owners tend to come in satisfaction surveys, with excellent service and helpful dealer. The Fabia is unlikely to be problematic to run, and will be always at competitive prices. There is a tax GreenLine version now available, with low emissions and excellent fuel efficiency and residual values ​​will be strong over the area.