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Skoda Yeti

The Yeti has complicated electronic four-wheel drive system. On dry roads, the system sends most of he power to the front wheels, however if it begins slipping on a muddy surface the system distributes the power to the wheel that requires power at any given time.  Thanks a limited slip differential on the rear axle, power is also distributed evenly from side to side, ensuring excellent grip and stability on all roads at all times. It also has a high ground clearance of 180mm.

ABS MSR and ESP in action
The system also works closely with both the ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and ESP (Electronic Stability Program) systems to ensure that safety and stability is maintained at all times. And if you are a Muranga resident like me just press dashboard-mounted off-road button and the ABS, TCS (Traction Control System) and EDL (Electronic Differential Lock) systems switch to a special off-road setting. 

Rear lights
Once engaged, the accelerator responds more sensitively when pulling away on loose Muranga surfaces. It will also help me pulling-away from a steep road thanks to and hill start assistant. It will also come in handy as I descend steep slopes near my grandmother’s residence. Through gentle, automatic application of the brakes, the system maintains a constant speed, allowing me to concentrate fully on steering it down the slope.
Friendly front look
The designers haven’t failed in bringing out the true character of Yeti from the grille which features lines run up the bonnet and large headlamps give it a warm a friendly look. It huge front fog lamps enhance the front view making it easier to spot huge rocks and ditches on your path.

Can handle any terrain
The side view is dominated by clear and composed lines. Its huge wheel arches echo the vehicle off-road capability. As you walk to the rear design is amazing and yet practical. The smooth, vertical tailgate opens easily and far upwards, so even tall drivers have no problems standing underneath it when it is raised. At the front and rear, underbody protection strips signal complete it friendly, charming and rugged off-road suitability.
Raised height for off road comfort
Under the bonnet in basic version is the 1.2 liter TSI petrol engine, which is used for the first time in a Skoda. This completely new power unit delivers 105 bhp and provides its maximum torque of 175 Nm between 1,500 and 3,500 rpm. Customers can choose between the manual six-speed gearbox or with a seven-speed DSG gearbox. Another version is a muscular 1.8 TSI four cylinder which produces 160 bhp.
1.8 litre TSI engine
Fuel consumption of this version, which is combined with permanent four-wheel drive, averages 8.0 liters per 100 kilometers. However one can also order one with a diesel engine. If were to choose, the 2.0litre TDI is perfect. It chunks out a total of 170 bhp. Connected to it is a 6-speed manual gearbox.
Huge doors make it easier to get inside
The front seats have a long, supportive base good side support for effortless driving. The higher equipment versions include driver’s lumbar support and electric seat adjusters. 
Most exiting little car you can own
The steering is height- and reach-adjustable, so however tall or small the driver is; he/she can find a comfortable and safe place at the controls. The increased seat height provides increased visibility and yet still makes getting in and out very easy.
Enough room to store your shopping
Rear seat passengers sit higher than their front seat companions. Rear passengers have an excellent view from the rear seats over the heads of driver and front passenger. The three separate rear seats can be individually folded or removed.

Comfortable seats

The two outer seats can be moved lengthways and if the middle seat is removed one can move the seats even further. This converts Skoda Yeti from a five to a four seater and increases the rear seat room. The result is an executive class feeling for the rear passengers.

If the owner is likes to carry lots of stuff, the 1,760 liters of luggage space, which is accessed when the rear seats are removed. The seats can also be folded to increase the boot space which comes in handy when carrying large things in the boot. 
Fold the seats and the result 1760 liters of boot space

Apart from being equipped with ABS, engine torque control (MSR) and ESP is on all 4×4 versions it comes fitted with nine airbags (which includes a driver knee airbag and rear side air cushions) protect passengers in the event of an accident. If any of the airbags are deployed, the fuel and power supply to the engine are automatically cut reducing the risk of fire.

Rear of the Yeti
CMC will offer you the Yeti at a starting price of 3.8 million. Currently they only sell the petrol version of the Yeti.4WD versions can also be ordered.