Subaru BRZ

For a car company known for producing hard core all wheel drive machines comes a brand new sports car known as the BRZ. 

Lowered front to reflect its low center of gravity
The Subaru BRZ is a rear-wheel drive sports car featuring the Horizontally-Opposed Boxer engine. It’s as a result of a joint partnership between Subaru and Toyota. The main reason for this venture was to produce a fantastic sports car that could deliver pure handling performance on the road.

Six speed manual

To achieve this, Subaru mounted the Boxer engine on a specially designed sub-frame that ensures the engine is at the lowest center of gravity of the whole car. 

The front design of the car has also echoed the low center of gravity theme. This is visible by its low front bonnet and front air intakes. It also has the distinct eagle shaped headlights but they are a bit shaper compared to other Subaru models.

Exhausts pop out at each end

An air splitter sits at the bottom of the front bumper that ensures smooth flow of air at the back. As usual Subaru six-star ornament logo sits perfectly at the center. The front has also been shaped to improve aerodynamic performance of the car.

Side profile
At the side fenders sweep front the front wheel arches further boosting air flow. Its low roof slides down to the rear of the car giving the BRZ an amazing coupe shape. It rides on distinctly styled 17 inch lightweight and rigid aluminum wheels.

D-4S Boxer engine

At the back the extended rear wheel arches extend out to connect with lines from the back. The LED rear lights grace each end of the rear bumper next to the tip of the boot that also acts as the spoiler.

Rear profile

Exhaust pipes pop out of the end of the rear while above the diffuser is a triangular shaped stop light next to the reverse lights.    

Subaru worked with Toyota to produce an all new Boxer engine specially developed for the BRZ. It has direct injection and port injection technology (D-4S). The four-cylinder boxer unit generates 197bhp. It can be married to a six speed automatic transmission or a six speed manual transmission system. In manual shift a short stoke shift lever is used.

Eagle shaped headlights and low air splitter
This ensures a smooth shift giving the car rapid acceleration. With an automatic transmission there are two modes. There is the ‘S mode’ for better shifting response and ‘M mode’ for optional or manual shifting.

Interior design and space

It has paddle shifters that allow the driver to change the gears manually by use of the shifts. The front suspension employs struts for light-weight and high rigidity, while a double wishbone layout is adopted at the rear for better shock absorption.

Rear seats

Thanks to the lowly placed engine the car has a low center of gravity resulting to remarkable handling properties. 

It has a compact interior that is practical and comfortable for both the driver and other occupants.

Classy cockpit

The steering wheel has made smaller to achieve sports car control. The digitally displayed speedometer is placed in the center of the gauges so that the driver can instantly see information without diverting attention from the road.

Large storage space

The seats have been specially designed to hold the driver and the passenger in place during tight cornering. The seats have also been placed low in the car to further boost the low center of gravity. It has room for four occupants and room in the boot for storage of things. 

Integrated rear spoiler

All models are equipped with electronic stability control to provide both driving pleasure and safety. Prices start at $25495 (Kshs. 2.2 million). Hope to see this amazing car soon at Subaru Kenya