Subaru Exiga

Although the Exiga has been around from 2008 it’s slowly making its way to Kenya thanks to the second car market. Despite it looking like a normal five-seater wagon, the Exiga has enough room to comfortably fit seven occupants and yet guarantee enough rear boot space. It has an overall length of 4,740mm, an overall width of 1,775mm and an overall height of 1,660. The reason why it’s so roomy is thanks to the large wheel base with an overall surface area of 2,750mm. 

Subaru Exiga
At the front it has two distinct front grill designs. Naturally aspirated models can be distinguished by a front grill with flowing chrome-plated contours. For turbo models a sporty looking wing-shape grill is visible. It’s finished in dark plating and has a metal mesh background.

Panorama roof

A huge air intake is visible below the grill as fog lamps sit at each corner of the front. Powerful front headlamps are distinctly styled to give the front an aggressive look. A blue-tinted lens placed in the middle of the lamp further helps to enhance the bold front. A bonnet scoop is visible on Turbo models that help link the Exiga to its Subaru lineage.

Theater like seat set-up

The roof is raised higher compared to its other siblings to offer more headroom to all passengers. To improve interior comfort, a huge panorama glass is fitted. This also helps to fill the interior with enough lighting and also give passengers the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding environment.

Rear of a Standard Exiga

The Panorama roof is also designed to defect UV light so as to ensure the interior remains cool and comfortable. At the side are huge doors. The rear doors are huge enough to allow easy access and exit from the 3rd row seats.

Subaru Exiga AWD power train 

The Exiga rides on stylish wheels with individually designed spokes. At spoiler pops is visible on top of its large rear boot. The rear large glass provides enough light for the 3rd row seats. Distinctly styled rear lights that incorporate LED technology provide a clear illumination at night.

Cockpit of a normal Exiga

The Exiga 2.0GT tuned by STI (Subaru Technica International) has huge polished STI exhaust pipes that deliver the distinct STI sound from the engine. It also comes with unique STI wheels, STI suspension, STI brake pads and STI body kit. 

Subaru Exiga Turbo variant

The Exiga is available in five variants. There is the 2.0i, 2.0i-L, 2.0i-S and the powerful 2.0GT. All models come equipped with a redesigned 2.0litre DOHC petrol engine. The engine has an active valve control system (AVCS) that works with an electronic control sensor system to give the engine an impressive fuel economy.

Interior of the Exiga 2.0GT STI

The engine has a total output of 146hp and 191Nm of torque. The Subaru Exiga 2.0GT uses the same engine plus a turbo charger exclusively developed for it. With the turbo charger the power output of the engine is increased to 222hp and 326Nm of torque. Fuel consumption on all variants is pegged at an average of 8.6 litres per 100km covered. All engines are available with a choice of three transmissions.


There is a lightweight compact 4-speed automatic transmission with SPORTSHIFT gear selection. This is fitted as standard on all naturally aspirated variants. Next on the list is a 5-speed Automatic transmission with SPORTSHIFT gear selection. This is specifically designed for all 2.0 litre turbo models. The Exiga 2.0GT comes with a SI-Dive (Subaru Intelligent Drive) transmission system.

Comes equipped with unique STI body kit

This offers the driver with a choice of three driving modes; Intelligent, Sport and Sport Sharp.  Power is sent to the Active Torque Split AWD system that is mounted on all naturally aspirated models.

Subaru Exiga Standard model

The Turbo variants come with the AWD system plus another system called Variable Torque Distribution (VID) system that help distribute torque on all the four wheels. This in turns gives the Exiga turbo variants firm grip, traction and unmatched stability.

Unique STI wheels

Inside the seats are arranged in a theater like fashion. This provides a clear visibility to each occupant on any row of the seat. The highly raised roof gives maximum headroom to each occupant on any row of the seats.

Rear of the Exiga Turbo variant

The large wheelbase guarantees adequate legroom to all occupants in the Exiga. Decorative inserts with a horizontally flowing pattern, from the center panel of the dashboard to the door trim, give the interior a quality fell.

Subaru Exiga 2.0GT STI

Rich and refined interior design is further emphasized by the center panel design that combines wood and metal inserts. LED lights are visible on the overhead console, center tray and foot areas that give the interior an ambient blue look at night.

Comfortable Ivory Tone interior

Interior colors include an Ivory tone (that highlights openness and light) and black tone (which helps to highlight sportiness and elegance). The seats have been designed to offer firm support all occupants and reduce overall fatigue in a long drive. Subaru has even made the seats more thick to effectively absorb vibration and provide overall comfort.

Plenty of room for storage of goods

The meter module on the instrument panel is distinctively designed with the meter background faces illuminated in blue to make the white dials clearly readable. A Sport Luminescent Meter, outlined with chrome-plated meter rings, is available on the 2.0GT, 2.0i-L, and 2.0i-S. A nine inch wide screen infotainment system at the front comes as standard.

STI suspension

However an optional rear DVD system can be ordered that adds two more screens behind the front passenger seat. Music flows all-round the interior via a powerful six speaker system that also comes with a six-stacker in-dash CD player. The Exiga also comes equipped with a reverse camera, Bluetooth connectivity, iPod and USB links for connecting portable players. 

STI exhaust pipes

Prices for the Exiga start from $37,490 (Kshs. 3.2 million excl. taxes) to the top of the range Subaru Exiga 2.0GT going for $41,990 (Kshs. 3.5 million excl. taxes). An Exiga 2.0GT on the second hand market costs around $24,000 (Kshs. 2 million excl. taxes) while prices for the Exiga standard models start from Kshs. 1.25 million including taxes.