Thank you for 100,000 Page views

In less than one year, my page has grown from a mere 500 page views to an impressive 100,000 plus page views. From the very first review on the Mercedes SLS AMG  to the current 232 article on my blog, you support has seen the numbers grow to more than 100,000 page views.
Thank you for 100,000 Page Views
I want to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to this amazing number of pageviews.  I honestly would not have managed to get this amount without everyone who has read this blog, either by accident or because they follow it, so thank you so much. 
The 100,000 Page View moment!!!
Thank you everyone for sticking through it all, from the endlessly long articles to crazy reviews that were just awesome in every way. Thank you all for reading and finding this blog. I also like to thank all my followers, fans, critics and everyone who found time to leave a comment. 
Expect awesome news, reviews and pictures as for this year. Let’s work to taking that number to 200,000 page views. 
SLS AMG was the very first article on January 10th
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