The All-New Jeep Cherokee – Smaller dimensions, more appeal

In their original incarnation, SUVs were chiefly owned by folks who valued “utility” above “sport.” Generally they were four-wheel-drive, station wagon-like cars that could transport five (or more) adults to remote areas, handle bad-weather driving, or pull heavy trailers. The trouble is they required the skill of a lorry driver to park in the city and a pocket with a generous limit to keep them moving. Consumers who wanted something more reasonable in terms of size and fuel usage were out of luck.
That changed with the 1984 arrival of the Jeep Cherokee. The first generation Cherokee was completely different.

All-New Jeep Cherokee

The Cherokee’s compact dimensions, unibody (as opposed to heavier body-on-frame) architecture, and classic styling made this junior Jeep an immediate success. The all-new Cherokee marks the return of a classic Jeep nameplate. The all-new Jeep Cherokee is wholly different, from the first generation model, as it’s a small crossover SUV. While it still has a fair amount of all-terrain ability, this new Jeep appeal is attributed to its spacious and attractively furnished interior, pleasant ride, and smooth power units.


The profile

`Fluid, sleek exterior lines highlight the efficient, wind-splitting upper body of the all-new Jeep Cherokee. The rugged, protective lower body conveys the legendary capability that is characteristic of every Jeep. The all-new Jeep Cherokee has a powerful stance, an aggressive wheel-to-body proportion, and a commanding road presence. The aggressive approach and departure angles contribute to its great off-road capability. The first key feature in the front of the all-new Jeep Cherokee is the waterfall hood with the iconic peaked, seven-slotted grille which includes a crisp, horizontal snap.

Infotainment system

The hood is clearly defined and separated from the front fenders in a modern twist of Jeep heritage. The one-piece hood and grille assembly ensures a precise build. Advanced LED lighting technology is used throughout the all-new Jeep Cherokee. Forward lighting features a unique daytime running lamp (DRL) shape that plays a dominant role in the fresh front-end proportion, giving the impression of a slim headlamp. Contemporary full LED tail lamps are an integral part of the rear backlight look. This rear design also provides the connection between the upper and lower rear and brings a unique presence specific to this all-new Jeep Cherokee.


The Jeep Cherokee in action

Underneath the all-new Cherokee is Jeep’s award winning 3.2-liter Pentastar V-6 power unit. The 3.2-liter Pentastar V-6 engine produces 202 kW (271 hp) and 323 Nm of torque. Paired with the power plant is a 948TE nine-speed automatic transmission. This is the first time a nine-speed automatic transmission has been used in the segment and is standard equipment in all models of the all-new Jeep Cherokee. The nine-speed transmission delivers numerous benefits such as aggressive launches, smooth power delivery at highway speeds and improved fuel efficiency versus a six-speed automatic transmission. The all-new Jeep Cherokee mid-size SUV sports a new front independent suspension with MacPherson struts and a new rear independent multi-link suspension. An electronic power steering system (EPS) improves fuel efficiency and contributes to the Jeep Cherokee’s nimbleness on the road. 
The interior of the all-new Jeep Cherokee is modern, inviting, and comfortable. A sophisticated, refined design, hand-sculpted forms, signature Jeep design cues, high-quality materials, precision craftsmanship, and attention-to-detail ooze a luxury feel to the interior. A driver-oriented cockpit loaded with easy-to-use, useful technology and clever storage features.

Practical interior

Seats in the all-new Jeep Cherokee are ergonomically designed to support the contour of the body, are trimmed with premium cloth or quality leather, and are available with power adjustable, heated/ventilated seats with memory. Premium cloth fabrics feature a unique interlocking graphic. The 60/40 split second-row seats are adjustable for increased passenger comfort and cargo flexibility. A Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) LED instrument cluster allows the driver to enjoy a customized user experience and receive information and feedback in the format they prefer while keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road


LEDs adorn the rear

The all-new Jeep Cherokee has more off-road capability than anyone expects from a crossover, but the bigger story is that it’s civilized and comfortable enough to drive to work every day. It’s worth a look if you’re shopping for a small SUV.