The Kahn Defender Review

Real-life Tonka? It’s the Kahn Defender Review

Land Rover Defenders have a large number of fanatical followers. Confusion with its timeless, utilitarian aesthetic, then, and you risk the wrath of some of the most loyal in the world of car fans.
This is tuning firm UK Kahn, however, his touches biased Land Rover has never stopped all possible outcomes in recent years, the strange flying Dreiachser Huntsman recently produced.

Less provocative (relatively speaking, of course), this is his last shot in the Defender collection.
It’s actually an example I used loadbay equipped Landie elapsed after four years and more than 28,000 miles on their knobby tires.
How well miles takes depends on how much a stickler for authenticity, as it is fair to say that running a small piece of the standard.

Highlights? Steps bigger wheel, a common grid and a fairly general approach Tonka toy body parts. The green color scheme would Keswick independent wheels and inserts subtle yellow fascia but to the overall look is quite the opposite.
While understandably twin “pick-up” by “professional” bucket seats plush leather inside is not designed for a long day of hard work. Much more sensible is the 122bhp 2.4-liter turbodiesel that drives all four wheels through a good old-fashioned manual.

If you want the latest creation by Kahn in his life, he will set back £ 28,930, although the company was quick to point out existing owners Defender can cut fast and loose with the customization options, if they are not fast enough to collect this.