Toyota GT 86 Car Review

Toyota GT 86 Car Review
GT86 has always been a magnet for Tuner and tweakers. And Toyota actively encourages them. Even before its launch, Toyota GT86 planes showed Japanese tuner company, which could start working on an ecosystem of bolt-ons. Most automakers want the aftermarket pork, but Tetsuya Tada, car chief engineer convinced his bosses that Toyota was in the interest of outsiders let them in, because it would ramp up the general enthusiasm and sell more cars. In other words, Toyota is not amplified away from the action: his arm Toyota Racing Development (TRD), a number of bits hop-up.

From March the TRD parts are sold as fit on new cars, and if it works, will be available later for already in road cars. To be honest, the difference makes the package more subtly than the standard car, so in the interest of not talking Schuster, I was so happy to drive back to back.
The package consists of a four-tailpipe output for clear sound and fruity 3-4bhp barely noticeable. Larger wheels carry 225 / 40R18 tires, the sticky connection.

By comparison, the standard 215 / 45R17 – in reality Prius tires, durability and low rolling resistance, does not stop. A reinforcing carbon fiber strut shell hardens. An air tool is effective but not too bold.
Out on a track, the car is neutral to oversteer TRD curve still play as the standard car. But there is more grip. And it runs gradually become less and less transparent. This is perhaps less fun. Yes, the car I drove had optional adjustable dampers and stiffer front stabilizer. However, the extra precision is nice. They are much less likely to get the sides, if left quickly. I did not at first, because this car had brake mega pounds is worth 8k. But I’m not sure that the balance of power lateral grip is as delicate as the production car (Tada is a lower proportion rear diff, which would help work). The gameplay is eroded, and with it, making the car as the sole basis.

Paul Horrell

The numbers
1998cc, 4cyl, RWD, 201bhp, £ 151 feet, 36.2mpg, 181g / km of CO2, 7.6secs 0-62 mph, 140 mph, 1275kg
The verdict
Excellent measurable, but it feels more like other modern sports car. It moves away from the objectives of the basic machine.