For a company that brought out some of the greatest sporting legend cars such as the MRS, the Supra and the Celica the absence from the sports car seen has been long.

Toyota GT 86

However I am sure they wanted to get everything perfect for the debut of their latest creation from the long line of sporting legends.

Aggressive front

Let me introduce you to the latest sensation in Toyotas history, the all new GT 86. 

Classy and sporty rear
Its inspiration came not from its great forefathers but from another famous Toyota known to as the Levin or as a salesman from Toyota told me, the Corolla GT.

Leather covered steering wheel

The Corolla GT had an enduring nature for its amazing handling capabilities and great power to weight ratio.

Unlike any Toyota

It until today has numerous fans including 2WD rally drivers. In Kenya the Corolla GT is currently a participant in the KCB rally circuit. OK, that was a short history lesson now let’s gets back to the new car. 

Enough storage space in the back 
Just like the old predecessor it is built on a new platform, with a highly aerodynamic body shell stretched tight over the car’s mechanical elements.

Rear spoiler

Rather than using a heavy, large capacity engine, Toyota has opted instead to go back to its sporting roots, installing a compact, front-mounted, free-revving petrol engine that drives the rear wheels. 

rear of the GT 86
Under the bonnet is a four-cylinder unit that generates 197bhp.  

Front air splitter

The engine was developed by Subaru and Toyota and is the first horizontally opposed, naturally aspirated 1,998cc four-cylinder boxer engine.

2.0 litre boxer engine

Both the power train and the driving position have been set as low and as far back as possible to achieve the best balance. 

Shifter paddles
The center of gravity is lower than any Toyota model ever made. The suspension features MacPherson struts at the front and double wishbones at the rear. The car rides on 17-inch wheels and is fitted with ventilated disc brakes.

Rear seats

There is also a rear spoiler, twin exhausts and the “86” piston logo that denotes the car’s special power train configuration.

Stylish 17 inch rims

Power is distributed to the rear wheels via a limited slip differential to give the best possible grip in all driving conditions.

GT 86 infotainment system
It has Toyota’s new design language that consists of the lower grille’s “scorpion” look gives it a more powerful appearance, with further sporting details including the model-specific alloy wheels.
Inside the three-meter instrument cluster is arranged around a large tachometer.

Available in good old manual

The result is the best possible visibility and readability. The driver-focus of the cockpit is further reinforced by the carbon-effect trim, all-black roof lining, red stitching on the upholstery, aviation-style rocker switches and lightweight, aluminium pedals.

Side gills

It also comes with numerous customizable parts just like its predecessor. 

Brings back old memories
The GT 86 was recently launched in South Africa, and was to go for sale for a price of Kshs. 3 million to Kshs 3.5 million. Cant wait to see it on Kenyan soil soon.