Toyota Vitz
People always say that the Toyota Vitz is the worst creation to ever bear the Toyota logo. The Vitz (also known as the Yaris) is the most joked about car in the Kenyan auto market.
In an ongoing poll in this blog 60% of viewers have voted against it enforcing the hate Kenyans have against the Vitz. Well Toyota engineers have listens to the many complains and am happy to say that they have just turned the ugly duckling to a majestic swan. 
New front design
The sad uncharacteristic face of the old Vitz has been replaced by a new highly contoured headlamps, the upper grille opening is shallow, helping the air flow smoothly over the upper half of the body. The Toyota logo is fully integrated within the front lip of the bonnet, adding stylish articulation to its leading edge. 
Sportive design replicated in the back
The engineers have also changed clownish design with concept’s sleek; mono-form shape is emphasized by the long, sweeping roofline and a single, crisp character line which runs smoothly through the length of the vehicle. Short front and rear overhangs and a long wheelbase maximize passenger accommodation and load space on board.
Sleek sporty front bumper design
The new Vitz also cuts through air thanks to the flat, vertical ‘aero’ corners housing front fog lamps and matching rear reflectors. There is also a large, integral rear spoiler, comprehensive underbody covers and well styled 18″ aero wheels featuring enlarged air gaps for improved cooling air flow. Even the door handles and rear side view cameras have been carefully designed to the most aero-efficient shape.
18 inch wheels
One can choose from three power plants – 1.0 liter VVT-i and 1.33 liter Dual VVT-i petrol units and a 1.4 liter D-4D – is now available across the entire Toyota Yaris model range. The most powerful 1.4 liter produces 109 bhp. This will take it to a top speed of nearly 155km/h.
Rear view
Inside one can enjoy music from an AM/FM CD player which comes connected to 4 speakers. The seats have also been redesigned to better accommodate the driver and the passengers in the car. The speed dials are back behind the steering and the car now feels a little bit wider and well balanced. It also comes with cruise control and heated seats.
wider and cooler
One can also choose to customize the Vitz using TRD (Toyota Racing Development) extras that include a huge turbo system, reinforced sports suspension, TRD sports seats, TRD exterior styling and TRD sports exhaust.

With it bigger sister the Allex

I always thought the Vitz had character and Toyota have proven me right yet again. It will be gracing Kenyan soils soon at a price yet to be released.