Volkswagen Passat Estate Car Review

Volkswagen Passat Estate Car Review

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The only car in the world that make buying a Volkswagen Passat seems a hasty decision, the Passat Variant. Simply because there’s more “Sensible Middle England” and, with the advantage that significant start, actually a much better choice. This latest version of a car that has been around since the birth of Christ is the most desirable, however, also occurs with more effort on the interior and exterior design and a fantastic range of engines. There is also an interesting new style long version of Audi Allroad – call now Alltrack …


Although is as austere as vicar country Passat Variant some car-Q, given the right engine. The extended chassis related golf is excellent in dealing with the B-bumpy roads or on the road. The inevitable compromise of this is that the address is not very communicative or fast, but the wise balance here is that there are in the fast hack, without allowing the car feel nervous while accurate enough at high speeds.
Best Diesel. The 2.0-liter TDI get 60 mph in less than 10 seconds while yet. Able to return to 60mpg But their real attributes are high-speed processing – best in class here, we say – and growl hectares underway. Tuned dual-clutch automatic DSG VW-slick, this is one of the softer, more relaxed and able lugger in the cargo market. The Alltrack complements the TDI engine with good traction and a minimum capacity of dodging beaten track. No Land Rover, but it is also going to crawl through a muddy field: posh car booters will love.


The previous generation of the Passat has a feeling of tightness in the fact that the current has dispensed with only a fraction of the traces of design tricks. It is still well together, with a soft-touch plastic, robust, switching logic, but the center console Audi-lite and metallic accents on instruments lose this simplicity that made the Passat, it was.
However, everything feels as if all of us will survive and is a spacious comfortable environment to spend time refined, with an average height of 513 liters of luggage made much more useful very flat folding rear seats thanks.


Do not worry about durability. VW has built a reputation for dependability and quality very seriously and this car is huge well built. Engines, gasoline and diesel, are strong and economic, competition with low levels of CO2 at all. This setting is replaced by the High Line in 2013: it has standard navigation system, seat, parking sensors electrical conductor. The time now is pick choice.