Volvo V60

If there was a car census, Volvo could easily be considered a minority in the vast Kenyan automobile population. With the launch of the V60 things are bound to change for Volvo in Kenya.
It has a distinct bold shape and a slim coupe-like roof line. This help to emphasize its true character, a coupe looking sports saloon. Previous Volvo model lacked appeal but thanks to the new design the new V60 will for sure be a head turner.
Rear of the V60
The grill sticks out further with a distinct boulder and chunkier company logo. Huge air intakes are placed lower in the front giving the car an aggressive front look. It still holds the traditional rear Volvo styling of huge tail lamps but they now look modern and a bit funkier; two words never associated with a previous Volvos.
S60 saloon
There is a 3.0 litre T6 petrol engine that gives out 304 hp (horse power) enough to take it from 0 to 100km/h in just 6.6 seconds. Top speed is limited to 250km/h. Fuel consumption is about 10 litres per 100km covered. Connected to the engine is Volvo’s latest six-speed Geartronic transmission. It offers smooth gear changes for faster acceleration. With T6 engine under the bonnet the car comes with All Wheel Drive as standard. 
V60 R design
Another engine is the D5 turbo diesel engine. The engine together with the twin turbos attached to it gives it a total of 205 hp. The engine will take the car to a top speed of 230km/h. 0 to 100km takes 7.6 seconds. Fuel consumption is an economical 5 litres per 100km covered. Married to the engine is a six-speed automatic transmission system or six-speed manual gearbox.
The car also has a new suspension with an aim of making it more comfortable and stable on any surface. Take it to a rough terrain and the dynamic suspension works hard absorbing any bumps in the acne filled road. Switch to a smooth surface and the ride is as smooth and comfortable as a new mattress.
S 60 R design
If an aggressive driver takes control of the wheel a new feature called Advance Stability Control is activated. Together with another system called Corner Traction Control the car remains stable in high speeds, during cornering and in wet surfaces.
Front of the S 60 R-design
Another safety feature is pedestrian detection. The car can detect if a pedestrian crossing the road. If the driver does not react in time it activates the brakes. The car can come to a dead stop in speeds of about 35 km/h. If the car is travelling at a higher speed, the system will bring the speed down to 25km/h. This reduces car damage and injury to the pedestrian. If one is on a traffic jam, City Safety is activated. It automatically brakes the car if the one if front suddenly slows down.     
V60 R-design
As with past Volvos there is enough room for both passenger comfort and luggage space. There is adequate space for five individuals. At the back the rear outer seats cushions can fold over to act as a booster seat for a child. The rear seats can fold down to create a flat bed for extra space for storage. One only has to push a button and the seats fold down by themselves. At the front is an all new infotainment system consisting of a seven inch screen and an amazing surround system. 
Room for five people
The system comes with a digital 650 watt amplifier connected to 12 amazing speakers and a huge subwoofer at the back. Dolby Pro Logic II Surround and Audyssey MultEQ bring the home theatre surround effect inside the car.
A saloon version of the V60 known as the S60 is also available. For tuned car lovers Volvo has introduced the R-Design range. With the R-Design package both the S60 and V60 have more powerful engines, customized sports interior and redesigned exterior.