For more than a decade, Volvo has been working tirelessly to eliminate the boxy, dull and conservative design that haunted their past model. The outgoing XC60 broke the curse with its sexy, breathtaking and composed design that was later adopted to all Volvo models. It was such a great hit, that to this date, it remains the best-selling Volvo model. Replacing the outgoing XC60 is a refreshed model that builds on the outgoing model’s stunning looks, plus adds lots of new features that make it even more amazing. 

Volvo XC60

The XC60’s attacking profile, consisting of a low front and raised rear, remains unchanged. However considerable changes are visible at the front, where it gets a new bonnet, headlights, grille and lower air intake. The new headlights give the new XC60’s front a confident and focused look. The headlamps also feature a new Active High Beam Control system. The technology eliminates the need to switch between low and high beam. Instead, Active High Beam Control makes it possible keep the headlights on full beam continuously. 

Stunning interior

When another car approaches from the opposite direction, the system helps to prevent dazzling of the oncoming driver by shading out only as much of the beam as necessary. This is done by an ingenious projector module mechanism integrated into the headlamp. Low-speed Cornering Light feature is also integrated to the Active High Beam Control system. This light up the area the driver is steering towards for safer manoeuvring. 
The air intakes and bonnet enhance the XC60 wide profile even further. Distinct horizontal lines and chrome bars highlight the grille’s posh look even further. The XC60 wide stance is enhanced further, by a character line that runs from the front wheel arches to the rear lights. The rear remains unchanged. Beautifully crafted vibration-free tailpipes deliver a crisp soundtrack from the engine. Sportier R-Design versions get larger alloy wheels and body kit styling. 
Safety features 
IntelliSafe™, which stands for all active safety systems in all Volvos, is fitted to the XC60. The system is active from speeds of 50km/h and above. The XC60 features a Pedestrian Detection system with full auto brake. This monitors pedestrians walking in the SUV’s path. The enhanced Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) is now radar-based. BLIS monitors vehicles approaching the XC60 up to a range of up to 70 meters. The system then warns the driver of any vehicle that is approaching the SUV from the blind spot. The XC60 also features an active Cross Traffic Alert. This uses radar sensors at the rear end of the car, to alert the driver of crossing traffic when reversing out of a parking space. This is especially helpful in tight and crowded areas where the side view may be restricted. 
Powering the new XC60 is a choice of two efficient and refined powerplants. There is a powerful 2.4 litre, 158kW (215hp) D5 turbocharged diesel engine. 420Nm of torque ensure all the wheels remain spinning on any surface. An ecofriendly D4 engine, with an output of 119kW (163hp) is also available. With a six speed manual transmission and All Wheel Drive, the Volvo XC60 consumes 5 litres per 100km. A six speed automatic is also available on order. 

Unchanged rear

Striking Interior
The new XC60 benefits from new and stylish interior upgrades. The interior now features wood inlays, a new headliner, textile on the B-pillars and the silk metal frames. A new three-spoke steering wheel can be merged with paddle shifters, in an automatic transmission set-up. The paddles shifters give an enthusiastic driver additional edge, when powering round twisty roads. Behind the steering is an active TFT (Thin Film Transistor) crystal display, which celebrated its debut in the new V40. This displays the most important information in any given situation. It features three colour themes; ‘Elegance’ which has a calm blue colour, an ‘Eco’ that features a green background and ‘Performance’ that features a red background.  The XC60’s floating console is now restyled to offer more knee road to the front occupants. Numerous buttons located on the console allows for easy operations of various functions of the SUV.  

Volvo XC60 Profile

Driver’s visibility is much improved, thanks to a wide front windshield. The windshield is electronically heated for rapid de-fogging. The infotainment comes with a new Sensus™ technology that features a Human Machine Interface (HMI). The HMI enables connection to the internet. Information is displayed via a large 7-inch display with a state-of-the-art infrared, beam-scanned touch screen. The screen can be operated even with gloves on. It is fitted on the XC60’s floating dashboard. Internet connectivity is provided by a car-mounted 3G/4G dongle or a mobile phone. It’s also possible to share a Wi-Fi network with everyone in the car. All functions can be controlled from the new steering wheel. Sporty front seats offer plenty of support especially during cornering. The rear seats provide plenty of room, while the XC60’s tall roof guarantees headroom to all occupants 
A new front seat design, improves the comfort of the XC60 even further. The three-split (40/20/40) rear seat and backrest offers the two separate seats with an armrest in the middle. All three seating positions have safety belts for each occupant. The seat cushions are fixed and the backrests can be individually folded. An optional power boot door can be opened automatically in three ways; via the remote control, by a button in the light panel or by opening the boot with the handle. The automatic opening feature is very convenient, if you approach the car loaded down with luggage. The loading area has a lockable load floor covering two storage areas, one for personal items and another for soiled or wet items. A large panoramic roof gives the interior an airy and fresh feeling. The roof glass is tinted and laminated.