VW Golf Cabriolet receives some R Magic

The VW Golf has been in existence for over 36 years. Six generations and 29 million copies later  the seventh generation Golf borrows a lot from its previous predecessor but still retains its three most important selling points; practicality, comfort and efficiency. The iconic VW MK6 was an epic machine. It brought fresh styling detail to the Golf series and also returned the lost Mk1 magic that was lost for so long.  I will probably miss it more than any other Golf. It was in its reign that VW premiered a convertible version that was also missing in some Mk versions. Time for it to go has also arrived. To make its successful exit VW have debut a powerful of it that marks a great chapter in VW’s history. 

The Volkswagen Golf R Cabriolet is the first-ever open-top R model. Just like its hatchback counterpart, the new Cabriolet also receives some R touches. Its design cues incorporate a bespoke front bumper with gloss-black grille and ‘R’ logo. Other lovely tweaks in the list include LED daytime running lights, bi-xenon headlights (with black housings), gloss-black door mirror casings and black-painted brake callipers with R logo. Unique side sill LED daytime running lights, bi-xenon headlights with black housings, gloss-black door mirror casings and black-painted brake callipers with R logo.

Sporty leather adorned interior
Behind the bespoke front bumper is a powerful four-cylinder 2.0-litre engine producing 261hp. Married to the engine is a six-speed DSG gearbox transmitting power to the front wheels. 0 to 100km/h takes 6.4 seconds. Firepower from the 2.0litre beast propels the Golf R Cabriolet to a limited top speed of 250km/h.  This makes it the fastest production open top Golf ever created. A unique R suspension lowers the Cabriolet by 25mm. Its low body rides on large 18- or 19-inch ‘Talladega’ alloy wheels. They are finished in either ‘Sterling Silver’ or optionally ‘High-gloss Black’.  
Sits lower by 25mm compared to a normal Golf Cabriolet
Four individual sports seats, decorated with ‘Vienna Cool Leather’ and ‘R’ logos in the head restraints, welcome you inside. Leather adorns the multifunction steering wheel, handbrake grip and gear lever. A contrasting grey stitching completes their luxury look. Brushed aluminium decorates the two pedals and foot rest.  The doors and dashboard feature ‘Silver Lane’ aluminium decorative inlays. The insulated roof is opened by a button located in the center console. 9.5 seconds is all you need lower it. To raise it again one needs 11 seconds. Don’t complain, at least you will be doing 30km/h when doing it. That will get you all the attention you need. The new Golf R Cabriolet is priced at t £38,770. Its indeed a nice way to wave goodbye to the Mk6 Golf Cabriolet.