VW Cabriolet
At has been 35 years since the Golf debut to the world. As it celebrates it birthday VW engineers decided to add a new cabriolet its range.
VW Golf cabrio-R
The front is very Golf like however it more improved thanks to addition of 15 LED lights. They are spread around the Bi-xenon headlamps giving the car an overall appealing front. Since it’s a cabriolet, the windscreen has been swept back to enable smooth flow of air over the car.

with the roof up

At the back it has the smoked LED lights found in the normal Golf. The cabriolet’s boot lid extends low into the rear bumper. It also swings far upward making it easier for storage of huge items like suitcases and shopping. Chrome strips run around the car adding to is amazing appeal. It comes fitted with the standard 16 inch steel wheels. However one can also choose between huge 17 and 18 inch alloy wheels.

Cute interior
Under the bonnet are numerous engine options the powerful one being a 2.0 litre TSI petrol engine. It has an output power of 206 hp enough to blow hair off your head. It only uses 7.5 liters of fuel to cover 100km. If you are a diesel fan a 2.0 litre TDI engine is available. Although its fuel consumption is an amazing 4.5 liters per 100km covered, the output is a mere 138hp enough to get you from point A to B.

VW Golf GTI Cabrio

Married to the TSI engine is a 7 speed DSG gear box. The DSG has a dual clutch system that enables quick gear changes. It’s so quick you will never notice the car has slipped in another gear. The diesel version has an all new six speed manual gearbox. VW has tuned the gearbox enabling smooth changes from one gear to the next. Both engines can reach 180km/h without breaking a sweat. 

Ant-roll bar protection system in action
Standard features include airbags ABS, ESP (Electronic Stability Program) including Hill Climb Assist and active rollover protection system. The active rollover protection system consists of two steel frames at the back that deploy if a cabriolet rolls over. They help protect the rear passengers from injury. It also has electric door mirrors, electro-mechanical power steering and wireless remote control of the central locking. There is also a wind deflector for the rear passengers.
Rear of the Golf – R

The cabriolet is available in various optional themes. For the fashion enthusiast there is ‘design and style’ pack. With this the car comes with sports seats, leather interior, chrome pedals, chrome switches and lumber support for all the seats. For lovers of speed there is the ‘performance pack’.

Huge 18 inch wheels

The theme not only has options found in the fashion lover’s car but it also has woven mats, bi-xenon headlamps, 18 inch wheels and the powerful 2.0 TSI engine. Both themes come with the lovely RCD 310 entertainment unit which has six speakers. The system also comes with an AUX-IN connector that makes it easy to plug you MP3 player or iPod.

Twin exhausts grace the back

Although many will say that it appeals more to the ladies, VW have added two powerful versions the GTI Golf Cabriolet and the Golf R Cabriolet that both men and women will surely love to own.  Currently the 4 door Golf goes for around Kshs. 3.2 million.