Passat CC
The Passat brand has just gotten cooler with the introduction of a new model in its range. The new Passat Comfort Coupe combines luxury and sportiness in it every angle. It by far more appealing than the regular Uhuru approved Passat.
Combines luxury with sportiness in every angle

It doesn’t look anything similar to her big sister. To some it up it is a summary of how a regular luxury can be if it undergoes an extreme make over. From it low front bumper, restyled headlamps and the large front air intakes one can begin to understand why it not just a regular car. 

Rear lights
The same is repeated at the side with lines, which run from front to rear at both sides, to the low reclining roof that gives it the coupish look. 
Lots more than the regular Passat
Lines run front front to back reflecting it sportive appeal
Stand at the back and you will be wowed by the huge rear light that glitter in the dark giving drivers behind it a sight that is out of this world. It even has a spoiler, something I never thought I will see in a Passat. It has 17-inch alloy wheels with size 235 tires, chrome accents (interior and exterior) and four ergonomic sport seats (individual seating system in rear).
Pillarless doors
CMC offer the CC with the most economical gasoline engines of its class, the Passat CC TSI. The 1.8 four cylinder 160 bhp engine has an average fuel consumption of 7.6 liters per 100 kilometers. It will take it to a top speed of 222 km/h. It is also comes with an all new generation of 4Motion full-time all-wheel drive, as well as the new adaptive chassis control system and very efficient DSG dual-clutch transmission. Other engines on offer are a powerful V6 and an even economical TDI engine. 
The heart, an amazing V6
The 140 bhp TDI engine consumes just 5.8 liters of diesel for every 100 kilometers and has a top speed of 213km/h. The 300bhp V6 is electronically limited to a top speed of 250 km/h.
Rear view of the car
One can order one with lane assist, helps you stay at you lane, and park assist for the much needed help when packing in the streets of Nairobi. It also comes with cruise control that is aided with “ACC automa­tic distance control” with “Front Assist” for braking distance reduction. This will also aid the driver in case of an emergency braking. If I have more money to spend why not opt one with a panoramic roof? The transparent roof is 750 millimeters long and 1,120 millimeters wide. 
CC with the panoramic roof
This means that it covers the entire front section up to the B pillars. In this case, the cross-beam above the windshield is also in black. The electrically powered “Panorama vent sunroof” can be pivoted upward by 40 millimeters. This gives occupants an amazing view of the outside world as they enjoy the luxuries of the interior.
Multifunctional steering wheel
As I looked at it amazing exterior when I recently met this amazing car, I could wait to get in an experience the amazing beauty of the CC’s interior. As I opened frameless coupé doors I was amazed as how spacious the interior was. 
Seat adjusters on the doors
I easily got in an to the welcoming arms of the sport styled front seats and my arms quickly reached the three-spoke leather multifunctional steering wheel, as I fired up its engine. As the ignition is started the instrument panel glowed in white as the pointers briefly pegged themselves to their maximum positions. Since I was not to take it on a full test drive I left it on to play with the toys.
RCD 510 4×20 watts 8 speaker 6 CD front loading changer system
It’s RCD 510 4×20 watts 8 speaker 6 CD front loading changer system is amazing. It brings out every beat to the enjoyment of everyone in the car. Its also has 6 ways adjustable front seats that also provide lumber support to the front occupants. 
Rear spacious room for two occupants
To keep occupants cool from the warm African sun the dual zone climatronic air conditioning will keep occupants cool and comfortable. One can order it with leather upholstery (Alcantara) and chrome package.
Rear reverse camera
CMC will offer you this amazing piece of machine at a price of Kshs. 4.7 Million no wonder am seeing quite a number of them with blue number plates