VW Touareg
A miracle has just occurred at VW. Trust me, if you own or drive the old Touareg just rush to CMC and grab your hands on the new model. It more than a miracle, it everything you have ever wished in a mid sized SUV.
Named after the Tuareg people of the Berber speaking community of North Africa, the first model was destined to be great but apart from it holding the world record for any passenger car that is the ability to tow a Boeing 747, nothing else was great.
Huge wheel arches
Am not saying that it was just rubbish, NO, all I am saying is VW were not through with the ‘Touareg homework’. VW went back, locked it self in and came out with an A grade material reflected in every angle of the new cutie.


They first ditched the guzzler engines which ran pockets dry thanks to their ability to turn fuel to air in seconds without the actual car covering any kilometres. The new one lets owners choose from three fuel efficient engines. Should the Ministry of Environment want to own one, the hybrid version should suit them well.
Restyled front doors
The first engine option is a V6 FSI that has an output power of 328 hp. It consumes 2.5 litres less than the previous model. It will take you to a top speed of 228km/h and it only needs 7.8 seconds to take it from 0 to 100km/h. The other is the hybrid V6 TDI BlueMotion engine. This has an output of 276 hp. It has a top speed of 218km/h. The powerful one is a V8 TDI which has 335 hp. This is by far the best engine ever fitted to a Touareg. Compared to the V10 TDI in the previous model which had 309 hp, the new engine has more horsepower and uses 2.8 litres less fuel for every 100km covered! It has a top speed of 242 km/h and will only need 5.8 seconds to get to 100km/h.
Rear LED lights
All the new engines come fitted with a stop-start system. It works by cutting off the engine when not in use for example in a huge traffic jam or on the red light. The driver only has to put his foot on the brake pedal and when the car stops, the feature is activated. On releasing the brake pedal the engine comes back to life and the driver can resume driving.
 Married to all the engines is all new 8 speed automatic gear box. It replaces the slow shifting 6 speed automatic in the previous model. The advantage of an 8 speed gear box is that the engine can operate more efficiently as it has more gears to ‘play’ with. The top speed can be reached easily thanks to two more extra gear ratios in the gearbox.
Golf looking rear
The new Touareg comes fitted with 4MOTION as standard. It makes the Touareg as playful in the wild just like it is in the normal roads. Thanks to ABS, EDS and ASR (for off-road duty which activates Hill Descent Assist and adjusts the automatic gearshift points) the Touareg will take you to any part of this country without much of a problem. It also gives the Touareg the ability to have a climbing gradient of 31 degrees. If you own huge tracks of ranch land the 4XMOTION or “Terrain Tech” package will be a welcome option. It consists of a locking centre differential with electrically controlled multi-plate differential. 
Adaptive bi-xenon headlights
This together with the electronic features fitted in the 4MOTION, increased ground clearance (10 millimetres in front, 15 in rear) and a fuel tank with 100 litres of fuel instead of 85 will make it easier to cover each area of the ranch. One can also deactivate the stop-start feature in off road driving. Other options available are air suspension, electronic dampers and ride height adjustment systems. 


VW have also redesigned the whole exterior. It now features a new Golf like front consisting of black, high-gloss trim of the upper radiator grille, car colour matching middle level and a U-shaped lower air inlet framed nearly entirely in chrome trim. The headlights come together with the front trims to give the new Touareg smooth flat front. At the centre of all this chemical romance is the huge VW logo. The headlights are available in three versions: as halogen headlights, bi-xenon headlights and for the first time in the world as bi-xenon headlights with Dynamic Light Assist (continuous main beam). 
The doors together with lower body height, short overhangs give it an overall massive appearance. At the rear the Golf like look chemistry continues to dominate the back. It however looks more like the old Touareg model but thanks to the restyled the tailgate and the all new spoiler, it now has a sportish feel inherited from it famous Dakar Rally brother. At the top is an option of a panoramic roof to give the five passengers an awesome cruising environment. 
The new interior is more functional thanks to the comfortable seats more head and leg room in the both the front and rear. The rear sears can fold down giving 1,642 liters of cargo space. Occupants now enjoy music from a radio-CD and infotainment system. It comes fitted with ten speakers and a 6.5-inch touch-screen. One can also connect their portable systems thanks to an auxiliary port fitted in the glove box. It also comes fitted with up to nine airbags. Lane Assist ensures that the vehicle does not stray from the right path. Side Assist warns of vehicles approaching from the rear when changing lanes. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with integrated Front Assist can brake to a stop in an emergency and tension the seatbelts as a precautionary measure.
Restyled front
All V6 models have a standard 17-inch alloy wheels while the V8 model comes with 18-inch alloy wheels. All come fitted with disc brakes for all wheels and anti-lock braking system ABS (including off-road ABS) and the ESP (electronic stabilisation program). It also has hill-start assistance similar to the one fitted on the Amarok.
One can own this piece of amazing ‘miracle’ at a starting price of Kshs. 9 Million from any CMC dealer in Kenya.